Autumn 2012 Carey Pipe, Tobacco and Accessories catalogue out now

Welcome to the Autumn 2012 Edition of Carey’s Pipe & Tobacco Shop Catalogue. Whenever I sit down to write these short introductions there always tends to be one or two things going on in the world outside my window that create an obvious focal point for my musings, but this time around it is hard to know where to start! There is so much of interest happening this year, be it the myriad sporting events, the Royal Family celebrations, the inclement British weather or, of more relevance to our niche past-time, the resurrected Pipe Smoking Championships amongst other events. So I think it’s probably easiest simply to focus on the Catalogue…
Autumn 2012 Carey Pipe, Tobacco and Accessories catalogue
We enjoy using the front cover space to truly show off our pipes in all their glory, and this time around, I hope you’ll agree, is no different. The Carey Beehive is a dramatic pipe with bold lines and exquisite styling which has been a firm favourite amongst our Facebook fans when previously featured, so I’m sure you’ll like it. Delving within the Catalogue we have displayed a number of our Magic Inch ranges to help demonstrate the breadth of styles and prices we are able to offer customers. The Accessories pages continue to be stocked full of every conceivable item a pipe smoker may need, with the expanded Lighters selection proving to be a popular update. And not to forget our Guest Brands section where we are able to showcase our (and hopefully your) favourite manufacturers of non Magic Inch pipes, starting in this edition with the impressive Comoys ‘Pebble Grain’. More and more these days we also provide a bespoke service to customers – you discuss with us what pipe or accessory you would like and we either source one or find the right craftsman to make one, be it a carved Meerschaum from Turkey, an Italian briar or an unusual pipe stand. We don’t dedicate a page to this in the catalogue but feel free to call us if you have a specific requirement…

With that I’ll leave you to your browsing and wish you all the best from me and the Carey team.

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