Unique Smoking Pipes Pt.3

In the latest instalment of our series on some of the weird and wonderful tobacco pipes we have in our collection we feature a new pipe that we had commissioned for The Chap Olympiad Opening Ceremony. We were supplied an image and asked if we could replicate the pipe featured, and this is the result. ‘Magnum’. Featuring a 9mm filtration system this beautiful briar pipe is designed to be smoked – just make sure you have a strong jaw and no plans for the rest of the day as weighing in at over 300g and 25cms from bowl to mouth it’ll certainly provide a long, enjoyable smoke!

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2 Responses to Unique Smoking Pipes Pt.3

  1. avatar Terry Monaghan says:

    You have a great collection of pipes. I notice that the insides of the bowls you have shown on the vid are well scraped out. You should leave about an 1/8 th of an inch of carbon inside the bowl all round for a good cool smoke. It looks like you have scraped them down to the wood. The Carbon skin will then act like a meercham pipe and give you a good smoke. They will need burning in from scratch again to get a good smoke and flavour. Do not remove the dottle every time as it acts as a carbon filter if it has been left to dry out for a week.

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Thanks for your comments Terry, and I agree with everything you have said – it’s good advice. The point about these pipes I am featuring however is that they are all unsmoked and mostly are from an historic collection that has been retained in the business throughout the years. The Magnum pipe featured in this video has only just been created and the previous two videos are of pipes that I wouldn’t dare to smoke. My next video, which is going up tomorrow, features an unsmoked meerschaum from 1864! But as far as my workaday pipe is concerned, the cake is critical I agree…

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