Unique Pipes, Part 4

In this latest instalment we take a quick look at a stunning meerschaum ‘egg’ shaped pipe dating all the way back to 1864! Almost unblemished, and apparently unsmoked, this beautiful pipe is all about simplicity and the clean, flowing lines. It cries out to be used, but this is one pipe that will remain as an ornament – I don’t have the heart to smoke it!

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5 Responses to Unique Pipes, Part 4

  1. avatar frank says:

    Hi. EB and WB are Barling brothers

  2. avatar jim kirby says:

    where can I go for additional “magic inch” filters?

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Hi. You can find them on the website. Just type 1019 in the search box and they will appear for you. Hope that helps…

  3. avatar John Taylor says:

    Hi there,

    The initials EB and WB on the silver work would seem to make this meerschaum pipe of Barling manufacture. Those initials appear on the silver mounts of a couple of pre-transition Barlings that I own, forming part of the hallmark. There are a number of sources to research the original Barling family business, but http://www.pipedia.org may be a good place to start if you are not already familiar with the origins of this brand.

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Thanks John. I found a great website that lists all the makers marks for pipes and agree with you that this is from Edwin and William Barling. I should really have engaged my brain as the majority of the pipes in our historic collection are Barlings! Thanks for your input…

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