Pipe & Tobacco Newsletter July 2012

With the summer holiday season fast approaching and with it the hopes of a nation that the rain might stop and the sun might reappear (even just for one day!) I thought I’d write a quick newsletter to keep you abreast of the latest goings on here at Carey’s Pipe & Tobacco Shop.

The most notable events of the past month have to be the successful running of both The Chap Olympiad and the British Pipe Smoking Championships. Regular readers of our newsletters will know that we have been staunch supporters of these two, thoroughly British, occasions. The former is a wonderfully tongue-in-cheek look at the ‘higher echelons’ of British Society and certainly captured the imagination of many.

Chap Olympiad

Even the BBC thought it worth a couple of minutes of reportage, during which the Magnum pipe we supplied to the event featured prominently. Just click here to view.

As for the BPSC this was an altogether more serious affair, with pipe smoking prowess on display and reputations to protect, whilst retaining the camaraderie and warmth one would expect from just such an event. As I write this, reports and photos are still being circulated but clearly the event was a success and discussions are already underway regarding the next staging. Just look for the BPSC Facebook Page for all the latest updates and information.

Closer to home we are delighted to welcome new customers from France, Argentina and The Netherlands amongst others, who are finding our website and social media pages such as Facebook and Twitter valuable resources. WT noted…

“As a pipe smoker for over 60 years I found your introduction and some of the answers to queries very helpful, in particular those relating to filters. For the past 30 years I have used your introductory pipe without breaking it in my pocket, something I was always doing prior to becoming your customer. I am today placing an order by post for a Little Gem and filters.”

It’s great to know that we can help even pipe smokers of 60 years!

We have also been updating our YouTube and Flickr pages on a regular basis. We are currently producing a series of short videos on some of the more unusual pipes we produce or have in our collection, with the latest focusing on the Magnum pipe mentioned earlier (click here to view). They are far from professionally produced but hopefully continue to be of interest! Meanwhile Flickr provides a great platform for posting many of the thousands of photos we have for general viewing, including shots of our products, shows we have attended, people we meet and really anything pipe smoking related!

Nording Pipe

And finally, with the latest Catalogue already in production and only a few weeks from publication, we can reveal that this edition’s ‘cover star’ is none other than the Carey Beehive “Evoking memories of the beehives featured in stories of a certain honey-loving bear of yesteryear, these highly tactile pipes are stained a deep cherry colour and are mated to the mouthpiece with a stylish, filigree style ring.”

Also featuring new pipes from the world renowned Comoys, including a version of the hard-to-come-by vest pocket pipe, we hope this latest Catalogue ‘hits the spot’.

Carey Beehive Pipe

And with that I wish you a fond farewell, until the next time…

Best Regards,

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