Carey Pouches & Tobacco Storage

We put the following four straightforward questions regarding the storage of tobacco to our expert tobacco blenders, and asked that they give us some equally straightforward answers in return! This is what they said…

  • How long does tobacco last in one of our Carey pouches once opened? Tobacco will normally retain its moisture levels in a pouch for 4-5 days once its opened. If you are a regular smoker, then tobacco will keep both moisture and aroma in the pouch within the time it takes to smoke the contents. If not its best to look for alternatives once the pouch is opened.
  • How long will tobacco stay ‘fresh’ if the pouch is opened, but then left closed and stored in a cool, dark dry place? Somewhat longer – up to two weeks probably. But bear in mind that once opened the moisture will inevitably evaporate from the pouched tobacco into its surroundings.
  • At what point is it best to move the tobacco to a jar or storage container, and in what quantity depending on regularity of smoking? Moving to a jar is best but only if you can fill up the jar and keep it airtight. Once you start using the tobacco from the jar you will get more and more airspace and less tobacco. At this point the tobacco will “give” moisture and flavour to the open airspace and in so doing moisture and subsequently the flavour will fade and eventually disappear. So put simply, if you are decanting for storage then an airtight jar is fine, but if you intend to use the tobacco regularly then the standard pouch makes most sense, particularly if you roll it tightly shut after each use to expel excess air.
  • Are the pouches vacuum sealed or just airtight sealed? Pouches are airtight sealed but tins are vacuum sealed. The reason for this is that the pouch seal material is not stable enough for vacuum sealing whilst obviously the metal of a tin is plenty robust enough. Saying that, we could vacuum seal a pouch but it would effectively turn the pouch into a 1 use container as it would be damaged when opened.

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