June 2012 Pipe & Tobacco Email Newsletter

As always tends to happen at this time of year the days seem to be racing past, with a Team full of ideas and a Calendar full of events! Outside the walls of ‘Carey Towers’ the world continues to turn, seemingly full of economic turmoil on the one hand, and sporting extravaganzas on the other! As a fan of many sports I wait with glee for this time of year, but always pity those that aren’t sports watchers, as it seems there is nowhere to turn to get away from it all (apart perhaps from a quiet, contemplative pipe in the garden!). And then there have also been the Jubilee Celebrations…

Tipping our hat to this very British ‘zeitgeist’ we decided to feature a snippet of the Union Flag on the cover of May’s Catalogue, our 109th Edition, in addition to collaborating with Chris Askwith, one of the UK’s preeminent young pipe makers, in creating the Olympic Range of Limited Edition pipes. Made to order, each pipe is a masterpiece in its own right, but we are hoping the popularity of the Gold in particular is a portent of things to come…!

Olympic Gold

Olympic Gold

Beautiful, rusticated pipes carved from absolute top quality, individually selected briar ebauchons. Feature a 9mm, hand crafted mouthpiece and genuine Gold, Silver or Bronze rings to match the detailing on the bowl.

Magic Inch 10 Minute

Carey Magic Inch 10 Minute

“A lovely 1st pipe or for the seasoned smoker who enjoys a quicker smoke… Nice bird’s eye showing in the briar which is always a sign of quality. All in all a very nice buy that should, with care, give many enjoyable years smoking.”

Vauen Basic

Vauen Basic

A simple design that retains all the hallmarks of a top quality briar, this dark stained range has a luxurious, ultra smooth feel with the bowl married to the broad stem via a long shank and double banded chrome ring.

Other points of note in this latest catalogue are the updated Lighters page, with the inclusion of new products from Eurojet and Corona, and a reduction in price on two of our most popular budget ranges. The Magic Inch 10 Minute Lightweight is now priced at £19.95 and the ‘Missouri Meerschaum’ Corn Cobs a stunning £8.95! Amongst the Guest Brands, the Vauen Basic is a real standout range, displaying all the usual trademarks of top quality with beautifully restrained style.

In other news, congratulations go to Mr W.A. who wins this month’s £10 discount voucher for his great, concise review of the aforementioned 10 Minute Pipes… “Been smoking Peterson pipes for years. This pipe beats all my other pipes.” Now that’s the kind of feedback we like to hear!

As for the wider world of pipe smoking, this is a chance to remind everyone about a few of the events that have caught our notice this summer. As followers of our Facebook Page and website will be aware, we recently attended the Association of Independent Tobacco Specialists (AITS) Annual Lunch at Lord’s Cricket Ground. For a full ‘report’ of the day and our views on the health of the industry please click on the flyer below.

AITS Flyer

And also let’s not forget a couple of other, more public events that are helping to raise the profile of pipe smoking nationwide. The run up to the Chap Olympiad is now in full swing, with just about two weeks to go – I am pleased to report that the Opening Ceremony Pipe we are producing is due for completion this week – whilst the British Pipe Smoking Championships are holding the return of their pipe smoking competition the following weekend in Nottingham. I believe there is still time to enter for those that are feeling mildly competitive!

The Chap OlympiadBPSC

So here’s wishing all our customers a wonderful and relaxing summer, filled with great smokes and general merriment!


E. A. Carey

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