April 2012 Pipe & Tobacco Email Newsletter…

Hot on the heals of our first Blog published newsletter, here’s the latest… It’s been another busy few weeks at Carey’s Pipe & Tobacco Shop, with no sign of things slowing down over the summer either, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to let you know a few of the more interesting things that have been going on…The priority over the last few weeks has been the creation of our next Catalogue, Edition 109, which should be appearing in letterboxes towards the end of May. It was with some amazement that we realised this would be the last catalogue before the start of the London Olympic Games - incredible to think they were announced way back in 2007 – so we thought we’d apply a slight Olympics theme to this edition’s cover pipes. We commissioned a well respected, UK based artisan pipemaker to produce something a little special and are delighted with the results. Although I can divulge no more at this point I hope, and expect, that you will be suitably impressed!On a similar theme but definitely more tongue in cheek, our recent association with the ironic gent’s magazine, The Chap, has led to Carey’s being asked to create a large, ceremonial pipe for use in the opening ceremony of The Chap Olympiad. These Games promise to ‘welcome the elegant and unathletic to take part in events like the pipeathalon, iron board surfing and umbrella jousting, rewarding panache rather than sporting prowess.’ Again we commissioned a well regarded UK pipemaker to create this one off oversized ‘trophy’ and look forward to seeing it during the event on the 7th July!

Chap Olympiad

Another noteworthy event taking place this summer is the recently resurrected British Pipe Smoking Championships (BPSC). There is already much buzz within the pipe smoking community and the absence of any similar event over the past few years hopefully means a good turnout for 2012. As one of the many prize donators we are hoping to be there in some form or another (although not competing!) and as such we look forward to seeing any of you who may be able to attend on the day. You should be able to find us sharing a table with the UK Federation of Pipe Clubs…

BPSC 2012

Aside from filling the social calendar with events of one sort or another we have also undertaken some more straightforward activities over the last few weeks…

Foremost of these, we are pleased to announce that once again we have bucked the trend of rising prices by lowering the price of two of our most popular budget pipe ranges. Our 10 Minute pipes, made of the same quality briar as all the Magic Inch ranges but in a smaller size for quick smokes, has dropped in price to £19.95, whilst Missouri Meerschaum Corn Cobs are now down to just £8.95, including filters and pipe cleaners!

10 Minute

Carey Magic Inch 10 Minute Range

Now only £19.95!

We are also delighted that our Facebook page and Twitter feed continue to gather momentum, the former having attracted nearly 800 Fans from around the world as I write this! Part of the reason is that these ‘social media’ sites offer quick access to pipe related content, one of the most recent we have published being the first video in a series about some of the wonderful, unusual and unique pipes we are fortunate to have in our collection. You can view it here.So hopefully we are enabling you to make the most of Carey’s Pipe & Tobacco Shop and all we can offer you… as always, if you have any feedback about any of our products or services, or thoughts on how best we can be of service to you, please do not hesitate to get in touch. For now however we wish you all the best, and happy summer smoking!Regards,E. A. Carey
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