Unique Pipes, Part 1

Following the recent release of our film ‘Is there a future in pipe smoking?’ we have had a number of requests to look at some of the unusual and unique pipes that were featured. We are fortunate here at EA Carey (Europe) Ltd to have slowly built up a collection of historical pipes over the years and its about time they had their moment in the spotlight! As a result we are intending to publish a number of short films, each focusing on a single pipe. Apologies in advance for the amateurish nature of these films – they are not quite up to the standard of the Daily Telegraph production – but hopefully they will be enjoyable and intriguing nonetheless.
Although most of these items are in reasonable to good condition, very few actually have any information about their origins having been stored away in featureless sponge boxes and bubble wrap over the decades. So these films will also serve to publicise these pipes and enable us to request any information people may have about their origins, history, purpose, etc.

This particular film features a stunning two piece pipe with a mysterious background… We hope you enjoy!

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