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As our social media presence increases and the general content on our website grows we are aware that we will have many visitors who may not purchase products and therefore will not set up an account. As a result these visitors, many of whom are ‘regulars’, will not automatically receive our regular email newsletter. The contents of this newsletter tend to be a mix of news about ourselves or the wider pipe smoking industry, product information, and a snapshot of the conversations currently taking place within our pipe community. We decided therefore that we should make them available to everyone who may be interested, not just account holders, and so here is our first newsletter post from March 2012. We hope you enjoy, and as always feedback is welcomed! And of course, if you would like to receive regular newsletters please create an account and make sure the email newsletter box is ticked as appropriate…

“As I sit down to write this latest newsletter my spirt soars thanks to the wonderful spell of weather that has come our way this week. If ever there was a season for smoking a pipe, this has to be it! As most of the UK seemingly wakes from its winter slumber a well packed bowl with a fresh, medium strength tobacco seems like the perfect accompaniment – an hour well spent!

These missives give us the chance to let you know a little of what’s been going on recently at Carey’s Pipe & Tobacco Shop, and most notably we’ve been busy with the Spring 2012 Catalogue. We are delighted to announce that sales of the Scott-Amundsen Centenary Pipe, featured on the front cover, have enabled us to make a significant donation to The Royal British Legion charity, so for that I thank and congratulate our generous customers. The pipe is still available on a bespoke basis and we will continue to make a donation for each pipe sold – please call us on 01481 811740 should you be interested.

Whilst mentioning our higher end offerings there has also been renewed interest of late in our Chris Askwith pipes. With the Askwith name becoming ever more well known these hand crafted works of art would complement any top quality collection.

Chris Askwith
Chris Askwith is a UK based artisan pipe maker with a loyal following. Using the finest briar from Mimmo Romeo in Italy each block is chosen specifically for each individual pipe, and all pipes are completely handmade from start to finish.

On a less welcome note I expect the majority of our customers will be well aware of the Chancellor’s latest Budget, and its impact upon tobacco prices. With a Duty increase of a staggering 8% we believe pipe smokers have once again been unfairly targeted in a bid to stop the consumption of cigarettes. As always, we have to grin and bear it… unlike the majority of tobacconists however we have once again taken the decision to not pass on this entire increase to our customers, instead trying to absorb the costs by making savings through better wholesale pricing, transport efficiencies, and so on. As a result we have pegged our price increase to around 5.5%. This puts a pouch of tobacco at £9.00 for Tobacco Club Members, compared to a High St price of similar quality tobacco at around £11.00 – quite a saving. We hope this goes some way to helping…

Looking to the future once again however, we are also hoping to accelerate our expansion back in to Europe. I say ‘back into Europe’ since many years ago we had a significant mail order presence, particularly in France, and we are hoping that our popular website, which we have now updated to show pricing in Euros, will enable us to make a successful return. Any expansion of our customer base will hopefully benefit our existing customers by allowing us to negotiate better deals for higher volumes of tobacco and pipes. That’s the plan at least…!

And finally, its been another busy few months online with great feedback and product reviews. The winner of our most recent £10 voucher was Mr JH who wrote of Old English Ready Rubbed Tobacco -

“Keep trying your other offerings, but always seem to come back to OE. First class smoke.”

and a particular favourite from Twitter (@EACareyEurope) was the simple -

“Seeing @EACareyEurope pipe shop’s cheery picture pop up in my Twitter feed always brightens up my day”

Thanks to all those who have contributed and keep us moving forwards, and thanks again to all our loyal customers. I hope you enjoy this glorious Springtime and we look forward to being of continued service!”

Best Regards,

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  1. avatar Albin Draper says:

    I love your site!
    Very light hearted, newsy and educational.

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