Roald Amundsen spends day alongside in Guernsey

This headline caught my attention in yesterday’s copy of the Guernsey Press

The German Brig Roald Amundsen

The German Brig Roald Amundsen

The German sail training vessel docked in St Peter Port on Wednesday for just one night, so I missed seeing it myself.

With our recent coverage of the Scott-Amundsen race to the pole, our support of the UK’s Scott team, and the subsequent interst in the commemorative pipe we had commissioned, I would have liked to have seen the ship first hand, and perhaps managed a tour of the vessel. However, it was not to be, so here’s the press report in a nutshell for all those interested.

The vessel is named in honour of the Norwegian explorer, and is a brig, 50 metres in length. It arrived from Vego in NW Spain via St Malo, France. It was initially designed as a fishing lugger, the hull being built in 1952, and was equipped to service the E German military fleet. Presently it operates out of its home port of Eckernforde, near Kiel in northern Germany, as a sail training ship, with voyages lasting between 1 and 3 weeks. It satyed for one night in St Peter Port alongside No.1 berth.

For more information please see the brig Roald Amundsen’s official website.

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