Spring 2012 Catalogue 108 Out Now!

Here is our latest catalogue – Spring 2012, number 108.
You can view it, download it and share it from this page, if you want to print it click the link above the catalogue to take you to the SCRIBD site where this option is available, or feel free to search for items through the tobacconist section above.
EA Carey Spring 2012 Catalogue 108
Mindful of the limited space available for this letter I would like to draw your attention immediately to our latest Limited Edition Pipe showcased on the front cover of this, the 108th Edition of Carey’s Pipe & Tobacco Shop Catalogue.
As many of you may know from the activity on our Website, Facebook page and Twitter over the past few months we were once again invited to support the efforts of one of our customers, Mark Langridge, and his pipe smoking colleagues Vic and Kev in their quest to walk to the South Pole to mark the centenary of the Scott-Amundsen Race To The Pole. Mark had previously walked solo to the Pole a few years back with a Carey Sheer Genius and some Private Blend Tobacco for company, and as unofficial tobacco sponsor 1.35kgs of Carey Aromatic Blends were dispatched southwards to accompany them on this latest quest. The rest, as they say, is history!
When Mark last ventured to the Pole we commissioned the Polar Explorer Limited Edition Pipe in honour of his achievements. The result was stunning, but this time we felt we had to outdo ourselves and produce a commemorative piece befitting this latest epic journey. The superb Carved Meerschaum pipe on the cover, featuring the busts of Scott and Amundsen, is the result. Although intended as a unique piece, we will now offer a strictly limited number of individually carved replicas on a pre-order basis (priced at £300 each), with the profits from each sale donated to The Royal British Legion to assist them in reaching their £500,000 target. Please contact Jenny on 01481 811740 to register your interest and help the fundraising effort.
And finally, a word about tobacco… With the inevitable increase in Tobacco Duty to be announced in the upcoming 2012 Budget a price increase in the next Catalogue is highly likely. We will however do our utmost to minimise the impact on our customers, particularly our Tobacco Club Members. For information on how to join the Tobacco Club and benefit from its discounted rates please contact us directly or visit the website for details. On a more positive note however we have now introduced two Mini Tobacco Samplers in an effort to reduce the cost for those customers wishing to try our blends!

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