Carey’s Makes It To The Pole! (Kind of…)

This is the image that we were waiting for… Mark Langridge and his Scott Team mates Vic (left) and Kev (centre) proudly standing at the South Pole, pipes in mouths and holding our very own Carey’s Pipe & Tobacco Shop banner. Massive congratulations to the guys, and also to Henry and Lou from the (victorious) Amundsen Team for their efforts.

It gives us great pride to have been associated with this epic journey, and no less pride in seeing a Carey pipe and Tobacco once again making it unscathed to the South Pole, this being Mark’s second Carey ‘supported’ trek. From the discussions we have had it is clear that their evening smoke provided the Scott Team with a much needed ‘crumb of comfort’ at the end of each day’s long walk, much like several of the original Scott party 100 years ago. Thankfully this time around the expedition ended much more agreeably!

With Carey pipes now having made it to the Pole twice and Papua New Guinea with Bruce Parry (Tribe, BBC1) on another occasion it makes me wonder where else they may have featured… anyone planning a trip up Everest or K2, or rafting down the Amazon perhaps? Pictures and stories most welcome. Or maybe, just maybe, there’s room for a pouch on Virgin Galactic’s maiden voyage. Now where did we put Sir Richard’s number?!

Here’s to the very British sense of adventure! Best Regards,

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4 Responses to Carey’s Makes It To The Pole! (Kind of…)

  1. avatar John Taylor says:

    Stunning achievement fellas. Well done. Great to see the three of you smoking your pipes at the South Pole, and to read of the comforting effect of them on your journey. Yet another illustration of the positive effect a pipe can provide in helping us navigate life’s challenges.

  2. avatar Mark says:

    Hi Marcus
    As Vic said we ended up smoking 2 pipes per evening before bed, Kev and Vic were not Pipe smokers (none us us have ever smoked cigarettes) but I did stress to them both how great it was to have a pipe in the evening and reflect on the day- they both bought pipes and the rest is history. During some of the tentbound (Blizzard) days we got up to 10 pipes a day with sore tongues to show for it in the next days frozen air!! However the Careys tobacco held out and so did we- Thanks again, Mark L

  3. avatar Vic Vicary says:

    Glad you liked the picture. I have to say that after a hard days man hauling our pulks, we looked forward to our pipes in the evening. Once the pans went away the pipes came out, just like 100yrs ago… This brought on reflecting on the day’s march and we enjoyed your different tobaccos. Many Thanx for your support, hopefully will see you at one of our welcoming parties (through Mark). Are you thinking about a special commemorative pipe? If so, I know of three guys who would be very interested!
    Thanks again. Vic

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Great to hear from you Vic – it has been a pleasure to be involved in our own small way. There is indeed a commemorative pipe in the wings – it has turned into something of a Meerschaum Masterpiece so we just need to figure out whether it should be available for sale or literally a 1 off. Will keep you posted and yes, hopefully see you at the ‘bash’.

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