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As those familiar with Carey’s Pipe & Tobacco Shop will know we are constantly updating our offering both within the catalogue and online. It can be hardwork sometimes keeping up to date with what’s new, particularly for web only products which disappear into the pages and pages of pipes, tobaccos and accessories that we already offer. So I thought that this time, as we have recently bought in a lot of new product, I would list some of the highlights here for your perusal… Its not particularly pretty, but its effective!

Dr Plumb Qunitex is our first notable addition.

‘From the home of Dr Plumb, we bring you the Quintex collection of pipes containing a moisture trap and traditional metal military mounts. A beautiful and stylish pipe from this UK pipe maker.’

The Savinelli Oscar Dental.

‘Relatively small in size but certainly not lacking in quality this Italian made pipe uses fine aged oak and marries a long shank with an equally lengthy, dental stem to ensure a lightweight and comfortable smoke.’

We have also sourced a couple of BBB Three Star pipes.

‘The self styled ‘Britain’s Best Briars’ have produced these small, simple pipes whilst incorporating a generous bowl, lustrous natural finish and the inclusion of small details such as the softened saddle mouthpiece. Timeless.’

And not to forget our other 3 letter brand, GBD.

‘The classic lines of the pipe give way to a truly stunning, brindle effect finish in tiger colours. Married to the simple stem with an amber and gold effect, broad ring and the end result is a simple yet striking smoking piece.’

And finally for pipes, we have a selection of Comoy’s.

‘Metal filtered these simple yet elegant pipes are all about the colour. Sporting a butterscotch stain, highly polished to accentuate the top quality, straight grained briar these have a carefully selected, colour matched mouthpiece to ensure harmony.’

But that’s not all… we also have some new Accessories, such as this fine Cigar Cutter.

And a selection of new Lighters too!

So if you like what you see, go ahead and click the image for more details and please remember there’s plenty more in the Tobacconist right now!

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