Autumn 2011 Catalogue 106 available to view and download

And so we march headlong into late summer and autumn with our 106th Edition of Carey’s Pipe & Tobacco Shop Catalogue…

Although I am tempted to focus on the stunning Royale on the front cover or the two new Carey ranges inside, for this edition I’d like to shift attention to some of the things happening away from the catalogue, namely online. Over time more and more customers are choosing to order or communicate with us via our website and so for those not currently making use of this resource I thought I’d highlight some of our latest online news…

Website activity continues to increase and we are seeing more interest in our Facebook and Twitter pages day by day, in addition to greater activity in our own Salon – all great ways to keep in touch with what’s new at Carey’s Pipe & Tobacco Shop and what our other customers are discussing. We recently conducted our first online Customer Insights Survey, which as the name suggests shed some light on the habits and requirements of our online customers. As a direct consequence of the feedback received from the survey, we introduced Carey’s Limited Edition Boutique Blend Tobaccos available exclusively via the website. These completely new tobaccos are intended to showcase some of the more unusual flavours and styles available, and it is our intention to introduce new blends online on a regular basis. And for the first time in a long while we have stocked a small range of Branded Tobaccos, thus ensuring there is a taste and style to suit every palate or occasion! Again in response to feedback we have extended our online range of Guest Brand pipes to include new Big Ben, Amphora and Savinelli styles, whilst away from the retail section of the site we have published such articles as the pitfalls of tobacco sampling and the pipe smoking subtleties of yesteryear, amongst others.

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2 Responses to Autumn 2011 Catalogue 106 available to view and download

  1. avatar Ivan Burrows says:

    The Royale looks a very nice pipe. If it smokes as well as other carey pipes it will be a good one to put my Condor in. Condor and Carey pipes go very well together as my two existing ones prove. I must consider a third

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Hi Ivan. The Royale is a fantastic smoker judging by the feedback we are getting so I hope you’ll give it a try! Our Private Blend Tobacco 2002 – Cavendish Mixture – is similar to Condor… ever thought of a change? Many thanks for your comments…

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