Tobacco, tobacco and more tobacco…!

Its been a busy couple of months at Carey’s Pipe & Tobacco Shop, not least in our tobacco department. For quite some time now updating our tobacco offering, whilst ensuring our long term customers are still able to buy their favourites, has been at the top of our agenda and with able assistance from our loyal customers I’d like to think we’ve finally cracked it! With all the recent Twitter, Facebook and website updates flying around I thought it a good idea to spell out exactly what we currently have on offer…

Carey’s Private Blend Tobaccos

These 14 blends are the cornerstone of our range, having been painstakingly developed over 30 years by master blenders to cater for a wide variety of tastes. Consisting of a broad mix of Aromatic and Traditional styles all of these blends are produced by the largest and most reputable tobacco company in the world, so you can be sure of its consistency and quality. What’s more, we order and import the tobacco on a ‘just in time’ basis before storing it in our climate controlled bonded warehouse, to ensure it reaches our customers in the freshest condition possible. We do not have tobaccos lying around on shelves for months at a time, and this is a quality of our tobaccos that should not be underestimated – stale, dry tobacco will provide no pleasure. Despite this top quality pedigree, we are able to price these tobaccos very competitively and effectively undercut very similar tobaccos produced by the same blenders and manufactured on exactly the same production lines. How? Firstly, because we sell sufficient quantities to achieve optimal wholesale prices, and secondly because we don’t spend a fortune on branding. Its that simple.

Carey’s Private Blends are available for purchase through our Catalogue and online, and are the only blends available through our Tobacco Club.

Carey’s Limited Edition Boutique Blends

A much more recent addition to our range these Limited Edition Boutique Blends are produced exclusively for us by an English master blender and are generally available on a limited edition basis. Focusing on tastes, flavours and styles not prevalent in our Private Blend range you may find anything from Twist, Ready Rubbed or Plug to fruit flavours, alcoholic undertones or single varietal blends. They provide a great opportunity to try new and unusual tobaccos and despite carrying a small price premium over our Private Blends will most often be less expensive than standard, branded tobaccos. These are available exclusively online for the time being.

Branded Tobaccos

In response to some customers’ calls for a range of branded tobaccos in addition to our own-brand ranges we have introduced some of the most popular tobaccos available today. With an ever expanding range we hope to cater for those customers who may have smoked a particular brand for some time and wish to continue to do so. These are once again only available via our website and are priced at, or close to, the standard UK rrp.

So there it is… a range of tobaccos to suit all tastes, styles and budgets! It is not our intention however to rest on our laurels so expect to see new offerings on a regular basis, but to do this effectively we need as always your feedback. So if there is a Limited Edition blend that you particularly enjoy and would like to see continued, or a specific brand that you would like us to try and source please let us know.


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  1. avatar Eamonn says:

    Well do you have any thing close to condor

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