Improved Benefits for Tobacco Club Members!

The following is a reproduction of a letter currently in the process of being distributed to all Tobacco Club Members, outlining imminent improvements to the loyalty benefits they receive as part of their membership package:

Tobacco Club Voucher/Discount Code (June 2011)

Dear Tobacco Club Member

We are writing to notify you of a change that we are making to the Tobacco Club and the benefits received by Members, which we believe to be of significant benefit.

For many years we have offered money back vouchers (25p) for every 50g pouch of Tobacco Club tobacco ordered, which have been redeemable against non-tobacco products via post orders and, more latterly, also over the phone. However, recent customer feedback has suggested that these can be impractical, and since the new website was launched a number of Members have requested that the benefit should also be redeemable online. In its current format this has not been possible.

It is therefore our intention to discontinue the voucher system and replace it with a more generous discount code, exclusive to Tobacco Club Members, giving a 5% discount on all products (non-tobacco) for the duration of membership. This code will be printed on the invoice Members receive with their shipments and will be valid for use across all sales channels (phone, mail order and online).

In summary therefore:

  • 25p discount vouchers will no longer be issued from 1st July 2011
  • 25p discount vouchers will continue to be valid for use by post or over the phone until 31st December 2011
  • replacement will be in the form of a 5% discount code, for use against all non-tobacco products and redeemable via post, phone or website
  • discount code will be printed on tobacco club shipment invoices
  • will be valid for the duration of Membership

We sincerely hope that this change meets with your approval as we believe the new system will reward Members for their loyalty even more generously than at present, and in a more convenient and practical way.

Should you have any queries or comments regarding this change please do not hesitate to let us know.

Best Regards,

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2 Responses to Improved Benefits for Tobacco Club Members!

  1. avatar Nick Copp says:

    With regard to the new 5% discount for tobacco club members, in the past I have saved up my vouchers until I have had enough to get a new pipe for free.

    In the new scheme of things, I am unclear about what the 5% refers to – is it 5% of what I spent on tobacco, or 5% of the item I order? And if the latter, is it cumulative (so after 2 months I save 10% etc)?


    • avatar Marcus says:

      Hi Nick – thanks for your comments. The 5% discount afforded to TC members is an open ended discount against the price of any non-tobacco goods (TC members already effectively receive 5% discount on tobacco). It is not cumulative but can be used as often as you wish without limit. Hope that clarifies things…

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