Summer 2011 catalogue 105 available to view and download here.

Summertime… it’s come around again and arguably this is the catalogue we most enjoy working on, full of the promise of warm days and long, light evenings ahead.

So welcome to Carey’s Pipe & Tobacco Shop Summer Catalogue, our 105th Edition!

Previously we mentioned some of the changes we had been working on, most notably the launch of our new website. Well there has been no resting on our laurels as we look to constantly improve the products and services we provide you. Foremost of these improvements has been our discussions with tobacco blenders both large and small regarding the enhancement of our range and the possible introduction of some select branded tobaccos. We are also pleased to have been able to widen the price gap between ourselves and the High St following the latest Budget. Our standard price of £9.00 per 50g pouch compares well with average tobacconist prices of between £10.00 – £11.50, especially when one considers the freshness and quality of our blends. At £8.55 per pouch for Tobacco Club members, there really is no comparison… And whilst mentioning the Tobacco Club, look out for some improvements soon including the ability to redeem exclusive discounts directly online.
The website has been busy too, with wide ranging articles and discussion. We have also been managing a number of bespoke pipe requests for customers who have seen the broad range of products available online, and finally we have awarded the first of our £10 discount vouchers for the posting of product reviews on our website.

But despite all this activity we have also found time to commission two new pipe ranges for the Catalogue – the Magic Inch Royale ties in rather well (but coincidentally) with the recent activities at Westminster Abbey, whilst the return of a Featherlight range after a long absence will be music to the ears of many. I sincerely hope you enjoy…

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2 Responses to Summer 2011 catalogue 105 available to view and download here.

  1. avatar Stephen says:

    I probably don’t smoke enough that the price differential bothers me greatly. What I do appreciate is being able to take for granted that the tobacco I order here is in prime, fresh condition.

    BTW – I tend to buy several pouches at a time; different types, so I have them all open at the same time. What is the best way to keep an open pouch fresh?

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Thanks Stephen. We pride ourselves on the condition of the tobacco we send out so I am pleased you feel you can take the freshness as a given. I would say that the best way to retain this is to ‘decant’ them into an airtight storage vessel. Without wanting to turn this into a sales pitch obviously the tobacco jars we sell are designed specifically for this purpose. If using a container not designed with tobacco in mind its probably best to store in a cool, dry place too.

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