Results from the Customer Insights Survey are in…

First of all many thanks to all of you who took part in this first customer survey – the response has been fantastic and has allowed us to create a real picture of our customers and what they want from us. The good news is that for most we are hitting the mark in terms of products and services, but perhaps even better news is that for those whom we aren’t we now have a better idea as to why not!

As promised therefore here is a brief overview of the results…

  • as expected from an online survey our responders are very comfortable communicating with us though the website and via email newsletters; what is also gratifying however is that our paper catalogue continues to be a valued method of interaction
  • our customers are a varied group – we have a wide cross section of ages from 30 to 80+ years and a great mix of newbies and long termers; the purchasing habits of our customers vary dramatically, from once or twice a week to once or twice a year, clearly demonstrating the degree of individuality found in pipe smokers; and we have everyone from surfers to gardeners to global travellers making up our ranks
  • for those who regularly use the website the Salon has become a valued area, worthy of regular visits in order to keep up to date with the wider pipe smoking community
  • the area in which most customers would like us to improve is the stocking of proprietary brands of tobacco; the good news here is that within the next couple of weeks we will indeed be able to offer a range of branded tobaccos through the website (exclusively), in addition to some new, limited edition Carey tobaccos
  • there are two misconceptions that were raised regarding the Tobacco Club, surrounding minimum order quantity and frequency; the simple answer is that although the introductory offer suggests five pouches for the price of four and talks of a monthly forward order there is NO minimum order requirement and NO minimum frequency of order (and of course, forward orders can be changed at any time without issue!)
  • staying with Tobacco Club, the discounted prices and convenience of a standing forward order, to ensure each customer never runs out of their favourite smoke, are clearly the most important aspects of membership
  • and finally… we are proud to say that we have customers from around the globe who have found us in one way or another; maybe a chance encounter with an existing customer, via the internet or as a result of a newspaper advert to name but a few, and we will continue to endeavour to improve our products and services to ensure we are indeed ‘every pipe smoker’s local tobacconist’.

Once again many thanks to all those who participated in this survey. Please remember that we are always open to feedback, be it a comment about the service you experience or a suggestion of a favourite pipe or tobacco brand. And if you like what we do, please let others know as much.

If you should have any comments or questions regarding this survey, or the results, please feel free to let us know as always.

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