So why do people use nicotine…?

I think it would be fair to say we all know the bad stuff about nicotine – it’s talked about on an almost daily basis and feels almost obsessionist at times. But is there another side? Science and statistics can tell us pretty much anything we require so long as the right people do the research and prepare the numbers, and pipe smokers should apply the same cynicism for postive articles as we tend to for the negative ones… but surely the fact that so many people still enjoy nicotine products suggests there may be a positive effect somewhere amongst all the negatives. After all, everyone knows that crashing a car can be dangerous for health but none that I know purposefully do it on a regular basis anyway! Well maybe this article sheds a little light on why millions of people continue to enjoy products containing nicotine (Warning: this paper is quite long and definitely quite scientific!).

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  1. avatar John Morgan says:

    During the last war, my father had a very bad time fighting in the jungles of Burma. It wasn’t until after the war that he felt the effects of this with a near complete loss of his hair, frequent nightmares, etc. A visit to his doctor coincided with his deciding to give up smoking for financial reasons. The doctor strongly advised him to continue smoking as it would help to calm his nerves.

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