Creating a new tobacco…

For some time now we here at Carey’s Pipe & Tobacco Shop have been considering whether or not to freshen up our Private Blend Tobacco offering – after all we have produced the same 14 blends for many years and although we hope we continue to provide something to suit everyone, tastes and trends are constantly evolving. Surely there was room in our selection for a few more alternatives, we asked ourselves?

And so opened a large can of worms!

The simple fact of tobacco is that as with other flavour based products, it is entirely down to personal taste. I recently contributed to a forum which was discussing the merits of St Bruno tobacco and the many clones there are in existence, one of which is produced for us (Carey’s Bruno Special) by the same blenders that produce the original. Everyone on the forum had a differing view as to which were true reproductions and which were poor imitations (I am pleased to say ours favoured well in these discussions) but even when the conversation turned towards comparisons of the genuine, original article, it seemed no one could agree on its flavour! I would go a step further… if you gathered 10 pipe smokers together in a room and asked them to name their favourite tobacco (I think that’s still allowed isn’t it?) I honestly believe you would come away with 10 different answers, and possibly even a week later the same people would give different answers again. Like a good wine or whiskey each palate will take its own pleasure or otherwise from different characteristics of the flavour, albeit usually with a few constants running through which can be easily agreed upon (smokey, fruity, sweet, etc).

Which brings me back to our in house considerations. How does one decide what blends to add to our existing range in order to cater for everyone’s tastes, when everyone seems to have different tastes anyway?!

So the answer we came up with was simple – ask someone else to do it! We have commissioned a well known tobacco maker to review our existing selection and identify for us whether there are any existing trends or tastes that we do not currently cater for. Maybe we should offer a twist tobacco, or focus more on American flavours? Is plug popular? Are fruity undertones the talk of the town now, or are the liqueur flavourings in the ascendancy? These are some of the questions we hope to answer over the next few weeks but of course the most important opinions come from our customers and potential customers. So if you have a view, as with anything else we do, please let us know as we are here to service your pipe smoking needs…

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9 Responses to Creating a new tobacco…

  1. avatar ken jones says:

    I believe my grandfather, surname Rose who was the blender at Ogden’s gave the name St Bruno, Bruno being the name of his dog, which could have been a black labrador.
    I would appreciate your help as to where could I find records of this ?
    Many thanks

    Ken B Jones

    • avatar Marcus says:

      That’s fascinating Ken, thanks for your comment. I will look into this and let you know…

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Hi again Ken. Unfortunately I have been unable to confirm your suggestion about the name St Bruno. I have taken the liberty of emailing you the explanation I have found…

  2. avatar Stephen says:

    I’d be interested in seeing seasonally available tobaccos in the way that brewers are wont to do – for Christmas, St Georges Day, Guy Fawkes; that kind of thing.

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Thanks for your thoughts Stephen. We are in the process of introducing some new, boutique and limited edition Carey blends which I’m sure we could tailor to specific seasons or events – its a good idea and one that I’m sure you will see coming to fruition!

  3. avatar tony knight says:

    While concurring with with the review regarding old english rr I would prefer the flake or the above to be somewhat stronger and sweeter thereby becoming more satisfying.

  4. avatar frank says:

    St Bruno will never be the same since Ogdens is no longer there, just as Murray’s Erinmore and University flake are made by different firms. I have smoked a pipe for over 50 years. Its very hard to keep up with modern tastes as they are so different from yesterdays tobaccos! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, THANKS.

  5. avatar John Taylor says:

    I would love to see the Old English Ready Rubbed offered in its original flake form. I like your version, but would like it more if it wasn’t rubbed out so fine. I know many smokers enjoy the conenience of this, but I prefer to rub out my own flakes.

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Thanks for your input John. We are always in discussions with our blenders and although we can’t promise to make changes all the time we can certainly pass on your feedback for their consideration.

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