How many pipe shapes can you name…?

Pipe Council Pipe Shape Chart

Pipe Council Pipe Shape Chart

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  1. avatar Engr. Basil says:

    I have looked all over the internet to find a Pipe Chart as mentioned above with standard pipe dimensions in terms of size, length, dimensions, inner bowl depth and height, outer bowl circumference, length of shank AND above all the recommended bit size for air-passage from the stem to the shank.

    Thank you and have a good day.

  2. avatar John Taylor says:

    The difference between a Bulldog and a Rhodesian seems to be particularly blurred. Based on various catalogues, I used to think that a Bulldog was straight. and a Rhodesian bent, regardless of whether the shank was rounded or diamond shaped. The popular concensus,to which I now adhere, is that a diamond-shanked model is a Bulldog, whether bent or straight, saddle-stemmed or tapered, and a round/oval-shanked model is a Rhodesian, again whether straight or bent, saddle-stemmed or tapered. Anyone else have any thoughts.

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