Meerschaum vs Briar??

I recently read an article extolling the virtues of Meerschaum pipes and thought the subject of Meerschaum vs Briar to be an interesting one… The main advantages in the pro Meerschaum camp were as follows:

  • Meerschaum is lighter than briar in most cases. The nature of this particular material is that it is particularly light when compared to most stones or minerals after the water has been removed from it.
  • Meerschaum is porous and acts as a filter, drawing tars and moisture out of the smoke before it reaches your mouth.
  • Meerschaum is neutral and imparts no flavour to the tobacco like a briar pipe will. This allows you to get the true flavor of the particular blend you are smoking.
  • Meerschaum will not burn like briar. Since you cannot catch a meerschaum pipe on fire, there is no need to build a cake of carbon around the bowl to protect it.
  • You can safely smoke any number of different types of tobaccos (aromatics, English, Virginia, burley, etc) back to back without fear of muddling the cake with different flavors/aromas as per a briar pipe, since you actively remove the cake.
  • You don’t need to rest a Meerschaum between smokes because the stone absorbs and gives off liquid much quicker than briar and it also cools quicker. This means that you will need to keep fewer pipes in your quiver and you can still smoke as much as you’d like.
  • Meerschaum gives you a cooler smoking experience. Because Meerschaum is a much better conductor for heat than Briar (which actually is more of an insulator than conductor), the heat drawn off the smoke contributes to a cooler smoke.

We will be posting a number of articles about Meerschaum over the next few months but in the meantime please let us know your thoughts…

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5 Responses to Meerschaum vs Briar??

  1. avatar Maureen Fleming says:

    My Uncle smoked Meerschaum for over 50yrs plus, never heard him complain about tongue bite! My Uncle had many pipes, expensive ones but said Meerschaum was one of the finest he ever smoked. The Gentleman that he was would never say anything bad so if he was not found of a particular pipe he would not buy but always said everyone’s palet was different; that’s why there are many pipes to choose from. God Bless; enjoy a quality pipe!

  2. avatar Graham Sanderson says:

    Very new to pipe smoking just got my first pipe from you. I am curious about meerschaum pipes quality and how this fits with the meerschaum lined pipe which was to be my next purchase.

  3. avatar Dr Phillip Brown says:

    Well, I have long respected the slogan that meerschaum is “nature’s gift to pipesmokers”, but I have noticed that even expensive meerschaums have a persistent tendency to “tongue bite” even when carefully smoked. Mea culpa, perhaps. But no, give me a good quality briar any day!

  4. avatar Roy V H Frost says:

    As a pipe smoker for some 55yrs, mainly meerschaums, I found the item most interesting which supports my preference. I look forward to up-dates from you at Carey’s. Many Thanks

  5. avatar Violetta says:

    Helpful document, I absolutely look forward to up-dates by you.

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