Here are the answers to a number of questions that are being asked by our customers. If the answer to a question you have is not below, please contact us directly and we will do our best to provide you with an answer.

  • I have forgotten my password, what can I do? – click on the ‘My Account’ link just below the search box at the top right of the website; click on the ‘Forgot Your Password?’ link; enter your email address; click submit and the system will send you a new password; login with your new password.
  • Can I purchase if I live overseas? – There are no restrictions on where we will send products to, including the USA. Overseas postage is currently £7.50 irrespective of the size of your order.
  • How much is standard, domestic P&P? – We charge £3.99/order, regardless of number of products purchased.
  • What is UK Priority P&P? – We now offer a priority service at £4.99/order which uses Royal Mail 1st Class post and should be delivered to you a day earlier than our standard service. If the weight and/or size mean the parcel can’t go 1st Class then it will be sent using a next day service to make sure it reaches you as soon as possible.
  • If I am ordering from overseas, how will my order be sent? – We are unable to specify the precise delivery method for every country we despatch to, however where possible we will use a signed for service or failing that, simply the most cost effective and reliable service available. We charge £7.50 for P&P to anywhere in the world, regardless of number of products purchased.
  • Will all of my products arrive at the same time? – There are now only a very few instances where products may arrive in different packages and possibly at different times, for example certain branded tobaccos or cigars. If you receive only part of your order please do not be concerned – it may take a little longer for the other products to arrive. It is very rare for products to go missing in the post, but equally it is very rare for multiple parcels posted on the same day to arrive at the same time. The wonderful vagaries of our postal system!
  • What if I would like to buy something but can’t see it in the catalogue or online? – Please contact us directly as we pride ourselves on being able to supply a much larger range of products than we are able to display. We are also able to process special orders for custom products although timeframes to supply these may of course be much longer than for stock items.
  • When do you despatch products? – We endeavour to despatch stock products within 24 hours from the time of order, and in many cases despatch on the same day, right up until 2pm on Fridays as our warehouse closes over the weekend. However, all Tobacco Club orders are processed on Mondays only.
  • How long will my order take to be delivered? – We send standard UK orders by Royal Mail’s 48 service so they should arrive in 2-5 days from dispatch; priority post should be next day as it uses Royal Mail’s 24 service but can take up to 48 hours or longer during Royal Mail busy periods such as Christmas. For overseas items please allow up to 28 days, although most items are delivered within a week.
  • Is there a minimum order quantity and order frequency if I join the Tobacco Club? - Some customers decide not to join the TC concerned that 4 or 5 pouches per month will be too many for their smoking needs. However, there is NO minimum order quantity and NO minimum order frequency – it is whatever best suits your needs both smoking wise and economically. And please remember, if you join the Club and find that the standing order you have set up is too small or large, or too in/frequent all you need to do is call and change your order.
  • I have used a product that I am really happy with and would like to post a Product Review… where can I do this? - Simple! Go to the specific product page on the website and you will see just below the title the chance to ‘Email to a friend’ and beneath that, either ‘Be the first to review this product’ or ‘Add your review’. Simply click that link, write your review in the indicated boxes and click Submit Review when finished. It is best to be logged in to your account when writing a review as this is the only certain way we can recognise who the review is written by. And remember, there is a £10 voucher to be won each month by one of our reviewers!
  • How do I make payment for products purchased online? – Our advanced Shopping Cart will guide you through the checkout process and inform you of the payment choices available. In short, you are able to pay directly via a Credit/Debit Card or use Paypal should you so require.
  • What are my options if I would like to gift a present for someone but don’t know what they want? - If you know the kind of thing the person is likely to want then you can call our team and they will be able to advise you of products that may be suitable. However, we also sell Gift Vouchers in denominations of £10, which can be used when ordering by phone, post or online.
  • How long does tobacco last in one of your Carey pouches once opened? Tobacco will normally retain its moisture levels in a pouch for 4-5 days once its opened. If you are a regular smoker, then tobacco will keep both moisture and aroma in the pouch within the time it takes to smoke the contents. If not its best to look for alternatives once the pouch is opened.
  • How long will tobacco stay ‘fresh’ if the pouch is opened, but then left closed and stored in a cool, dark dry place? Somewhat longer – up to two weeks probably. But bear in mind that once opened the moisture will inevitably evaporate from the pouched tobacco into its surroundings.
  • At what point is it best to move the tobacco to a jar or storage container, and in what quantity depending on regularity of smoking? Moving to a jar is best but only if you can fill up the jar and keep it airtight. Once you start using the tobacco from the jar you will get more and more airspace and less tobacco. At this point the tobacco will “give” moisture and flavour to the open airspace and in so doing moisture and subsequently the flavour will fade and eventually disappear. So put simply, if you are decanting for storage then an airtight jar is fine, but if you intend to use the tobacco regularly then the standard pouch makes most sense, particularly if you roll it tightly shut after each use to expel excess air.
  • Are the pouches vacuum sealed or just airtight sealed? Pouches are airtight sealed but tins are vacuum sealed. The reason for this is that the pouch seal material is not stable enough for vacuum sealing whilst obviously the metal of a tin is plenty robust enough. Saying that, we could vacuum seal a pouch but it would effectively turn the pouch into a 1 use container as it would be damaged when opened.
  • I noticed that I can search for tobaccos using Body, Room Note and Aromatic Taste – how do you define these?  Recipients of our catalogues will be familiar with these terms as we call them our ‘Tobacco Barometer’ – a useful tool to describe the characteristics of a tobacco blend.  Body refers to the perception of the strength of the tobacco when smoked; Room Note is how strongly the tobacco will be noticed in the room when smoked; and Aromatic Taste is the fragrance or scent of the tobacco and the taste experienced when smoking.
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10 Responses to FAQs

  1. avatar Nguyen Dinh Hoa says:

    Do you ship pipe to Vietnam?

  2. avatar Michael says:

    I was just wondering if you offer a military discount of any kind?

    Many thanks

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Hi Michael – we don’t offer anything as standard but I’m more than happy to provide you with one. If you could email marcus@eacarey.co.uk with some basic details confirming your involvement I’ll set something up. Thanks for getting in touch…

  3. avatar Sophie says:

    Do you send out a confirmation of dispatch email?

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Hi Sophie – unfortunately we don’t at the moment. I won’t bore you with the reasons why (it’s all Systems this and IT that!) but suffice to say if you received a confirmation of order it will have been sent. And if you’re worried we’re more than happy to reply to phone or email queries…

  4. avatar richard says:

    How long does standard shipping take in the uk?

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Hi Richard – we are advised to quote 2-3 days for shipping but regularly products arrive sooner. We will shortly be introducing a priority option with a 1-2 day timeframe.

  5. avatar Rich says:

    Hi there, just wondering. Do you ship tobacco to the US?

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Hi Rich. We ship everything, everywhere! And all for a fixed price too, whether its New Zealand, New York or Newcastle.

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