Telegraph Business Club video – Is there a future for pipe smoking?

The Daily Telegraph Business Club recently made this film about our business – this is now live on their website. Aside from talking about what we are trying to achieve there are some great shots of museum pipes, some historical still shots, etc. We have posted it on Youtube for anyone to see – please feel free to comment. You can view it here:

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7 Responses to Telegraph Business Club video – Is there a future for pipe smoking?

  1. avatar James Barlow says:

    After a rotten winter health wise I have not smoked as I like. Spring is in the air and I shall take up the pipe.
    Your Balkan special is for me!

  2. avatar Martin Vince says:

    I have enjoyed smoking your pipes and tobacco for many years and thoroughly enjoyed your informative and interesting film. I wish the company continued success with it’s excellent products, tobacco and service. As someone who ran my own business until retirement, I wish to commend Jenny Mourant on her professional skills and willingness to help. We have never met but she has been unfailingly helpful on several occasions.

  3. avatar Jiustin Quillinan says:

    Great video and I look forward to receiving your next brochure. Working in the Square Mile where everybody rushes about and pretends not to smoke (unless it’s someone else’s Marlboro Lite) I find smoking my pipe a comforting antidote to the hustle and bustle of modern life. Keep up the good work to save the sanity of some of us at least!

  4. avatar Peter McGregor says:

    Great video & a good website. Just a query. Some common tobaccos are getting more difficult to obtain retail locally, since many small stockists have closed down and supermarkets seem to have reduced selections on offer. I know you provide your own tobacco, but have you considered stocking also some of the once common, but now harder to find tobaccos, like Erinmore Flake, for example? I live in Sheffield (fourth largest city in England) and cannot now find it locally. I have been a pipe smoker (usually Petersens) since I was at school fifty years ago (and found that I couldn’t afford cigarettes!), so have no intention of giving up pipe smoking now.

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Hi Peter – thanks for your comments. We have often considered selling branded tobaccos but for a number of reasons have always shied away from doing so. We hope that our selection has the variety to suit all tastes, but understand that a similar blend is never a replacement for a favourite. We will look into availability of Erinmore Flake for you and let you know asap – I’m sure we can help in some way.

  5. avatar Dr Phillip Brown says:

    Most interesting Telegraph video.

    And as for the future of pipe-smoking, I most certainly hope there is one – as much as I hope there is a future for common sense and decency!

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