Who remembers these ads?

I thought it might be interesting, following a couple of comments, to dig out one of our old Free 30-day Trial ads which we ran in the national newspapers many years ago. I am sure it will bring back some memories for you all!

Old Free Trial Newspaper Advert

Old Free Trial Newspaper Advert

Later versions of this included a free 3-in-1 pipe tool as well, and if the pipe, broken or smoked, was returned for refund the original cheque was returned to the customer.

Suffice to say the adverts were popular in their day, however they now stand as a reminder of how things have changed over the years.

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12 Responses to Who remembers these ads?

  1. avatar John Young says:

    This was my first Carey pipe some 32 years ago and it has given me many pleasureable hours of relaxation, I purchased several other Carey pipes over the years but this pipe always remained my favourite. Sadly I have smoked this pipe to the point where the pipe is now damaged with a hole through the bottom of the pipe, however the good news is that I have just purchased a replacement pipe just 10 minutes ago and I am looking forward to many of further years of pleasureable relaxation.

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Thanks for your input John and I am pleased the pipe gave you so much enjoyment. Catalogue 105, due for release next week, features the re-introduction of our Featherlights range which was one of our first ‘back in the day’. If your new pipe doesn’t provide the same feel as your original, maybe try one of these…?

  2. avatar Doug Pickering says:

    I too got my first Carey pipe because of these adverts. My first two pipes were called Paul Bunion and Intaglio. I still have and smoke both. I have bought several Carey pipes since and have been smoking a pipe for 40 years. I am looking forward to my birthday on 24th. April this year cos my son is buying me a new one.

  3. avatar John Dilks says:

    The ad brought back some memories. I remember ordering an apple briar, thinking that if it was rubbish I can always get my money back. Twenty years later I am still smoking the same pipe. I hasten to add I have bought many more Careys since. Thankyou for the hours of pleasure I have had with your products.

  4. avatar Rob Bullington says:

    You bet I remember them. I bought my first Carey because of this very ad, or one quite similar. This was in the US in @ 1986. I remember the “smash it with a hammer” bit. I bought a Carey II billiard. I still smoke that pipe, and over the years I’ve bought 8 more Careys. I Enjoy them very much. Thanks!

  5. avatar Mick says:

    It was exactly one of these adverts that got me started with a Carey pipe.. Never looked back.. Thank you Carey’s for many a happy smoke..

  6. avatar Garrick says:

    Thanks Edward. Oom Pauls and Meerschaums are fantastic pipes. We still sell meerschaum lined magic inch pipes, but our pure meerschaums are Turkish without the magic inch I’m afraid. As for the Oom Paul, well we can look into producing some more and see who else is interested… Watch this space!

    • avatar Edward Fielding says:

      Thankyou very much.

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Just a quick update on this subject. We are pleased to say that based on yours and others feedback we are now in the final stages of producing meerschaum magic inch pipes for the first time in many years. As Garrick says above… Watch this space!

  7. avatar Edward Fielding says:

    When I was about 13 years old, the father of a school friend of mine started using E. A. Carey pipes one black aromatic tobacco. I used to go to his house all the time and the smell was out of this world. When I was 18 ish I got an E. A. Carey pipe and have never looked back. Dont get me wrong, I didn’t start smoking because of this story but if people do smoke and I beleive it is still their right to do so, you cant go far wrong with Carey’s products. I do wonder what happened to the Oom Paul’s and the meerchaums though?

  8. avatar Clemente says:

    Quality knowledge! I have been searching for something such as this for a time now. With thanks!

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