Monthly Archives: January 2011

Question mark

Assistance required in The Salon!

There are currently a number of questions, posted by customers, up for debate within the Salon section of the website. We’ve thrown in our two penneth but the best advice…

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Using the internet as a pipe smoking resource…

A brief look at the internet these days shows how popular a subject pipe smoking has become over the past few years. Here is a fascinating site from the…

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New website goes live!

Dear Carey Customer – We are pleased to announce that on the 17th January 2011 Carey’s Smokeshop website will be retired after 7+ years trusty service, to be replaced by…

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Carey Woodland

Autumn 2010 Cat 102 available to view and download here.

Featuring the stylish Carey Woodland and two new Carey ranges, the Magic Inch Tacon and the 9mm Natura.

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