Some simple facts and figures

With so little discussion allowed in the public domain about pipe smoking we thought it’d be interesting to know a few of the basic facts and figures when it comes to the habits of pipe smokers. So we asked around, and this is what we were told… feel free to comment and share your thoughts!

Fact 1: The average pipe smoker buys between 2 and 7 pipes per year.

Fact 2: A pipe that is smoked hard but not properly maintained will only last between 6 months and 5 years; a well maintained, quality pipe can potentially last a life time if looked after.

Fact 3: A single pipe shouldn’t be used for every smoke as it must be allowed sufficient time to ‘breathe’.

Fact 4: Different tobaccos for different pipes; it is not just the flavour that will be contaminated by smoking different tobaccos in the same pipe but the different burn properties may lead to damage.

Fact 5: The more experienced the smoker, the more likely they will have settled on a tobacco brand and blend and therefore the less likely they are to try new ones – could be missing out!

Fact 6: The average number of smokes per day is between 5-7 for a ‘typical’ smoker.

Of course the beauty of pipe smoking is that its a totally individual experience so there are no hard and fast facts. Why not tell us about your pipe smoking habits and rituals?!

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2 Responses to Some simple facts and figures

  1. avatar colvin long says:

    When I resided in the UK, I was a customer with your firm, and had a regular supply of tobacco sent to me every 3 months.
    i now reside in BARBADOS and pipe tobacco is scarce here, Gold Block , Condor and Amphora, are the only blends available.
    Do you have any outlets away from Islands?

    • avatar Garrick says:

      The quick answer is no, we have no physical outlets at all I’m afraid. We are a mail order only business with a printed catalogue targetted mainly at our UK customers, and a website which of course is international. You can order our products at the published prices from anywhere in the world as we currently have no restrictions on where we send product, although postage charges vary depending on where you live. Please see our FAQs section for further information, and we hope we can be of service again to you soon.
      The service to which you refer for regular shipments of our Private Blend Tobacco is our Tobacco Club, and more information about it can be found here, however it is exclusively for customers in the UK.

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