The Carey ‘Magic Inch’

A unique innovation that harnesses nature’s own laws to bring you pure trouble-free smoking pleasure no other pipe can offer. Simple, unique, revolutionary.

A Carey pipe looks better and feels better than any ordinary pipe. It also smokes like no other pipe you’ve ever known, and that’s mostly thanks to the patented ‘Magic Inch’, an invention that revolutionised pipe smoking. Designed and patented by EA Carey in 1948 it was the result of a dedicated pipe smoker seeking a cooler, drier smoke whilst not detracting from the fulsome flavour of choice tobaccos. After years of research and the discarding of many ‘good ideas’ Carey settled on the basic design of the system and set about refining that design into the simple but highly effective device that is the basis of Carey Magic Inch pipes over 60 years later. Even today, more than 30 years after it was first introduced into Europe and particularly the UK, we have many saesoned pipesmokers who are still discovering the amazing difference and improvement in smoking pleasure they obtain from the Magic Inch system. It is not a trap or filter or other such sludge forming gadget. In fact, like all great discoveries and inventions, the secret is simple. By cooling, condensing and evaporating moisture with every puff, it prevents the tar, sludge, bite and bitterness that you may find in other pipes, ever reaching your mouth.

Here is a selection of comments from satisfied customers

“Just to say the pipe you sent is everything you claim, and the filter system works perfectly. I think all your pipes are made to an exacting specification because I was able to smoke the pipe to the end (without bite) right from the start.” – Mr RP from London

“I am writing to express my approval of the Carey pipes. It is without doubt the only pipe I have ever tried which does not clog or wet. In all, it gives the most satisfying smoke.” – Mr CDH from Oxford

“Your Carey pipe is a real joy. No nasty taste dribbling back at anytime. The ‘Magic Inch’ gives a nice cool smoke.” – Mr DC from Portsmouth

How the Carey ‘Magic Inch’ system works

The system has been designed to allow a precise amount of outside air into each puff of smoke. Unique moisture ports then dissipate wetness, tar and nicotine into the 2 ply Papyrate sleeve, protecting the smoker from unwanted materials. The Papyrate itself provides excellent absorbency for dryer smoking and increased durability. Subsequently the Magic Inch chamber releases moisture through evaporation during resting periods between smokes. Neither a filter nor a standard ‘push bit’, a true innovation.

Cooling Fresh air enters through the vents and mixes with smoke from the bowl…. cooling and condensing it
Condensing Excess moisture is squeezed from the smoke and absorbed by the ‘papyrate’ sleeve
Evaporating Moisture evaporates into outside air….You get a cool, fresh, dry smoke

All Carey Magic Inch pipes are made from top quality Mediterranean briar designed, crafted and inspected by experts who take pride in their craft. Boxes of sleeves can be purchased separately here.

Tips and Hints

It is very important to ensure that when packing a Carey Magic Inch pipe the tobacco is not compressed too firmly. Although this is the case to a certain extent with most systems, if a Magic Inch pipe is too firmly packed the majority of the air will be drawn through the stem vents rather than through the tobacco in the bowl. This in turn will mean that the tobacco will not stay lit and the smoke will consist of mostly fresh air – a slightly pointless exercise! So as with all things ‘pipe and tobacco’ hone your technique with good old trial and error, happy in the knowledge that once you get it right you’ll agree with all our other Magic Inch converts that there is no smoke available that is as cool and tasty…

Watch our short video here to see the system first hand…

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42 Responses to The Carey ‘Magic Inch’

  1. avatar Owain P Griffiths says:

    It is with deep sadness that E A Cary are closing down. I have been a customer since 1977 /78 when I first saw the advert in the newspaper. I shall miss you greatly with a heavy heart. I got the first pipe beginners booklet that was given away during the 1970’s and still enjoy browsing through it as I enjoy my pipe. My wife too has bought many items from you. As a last plea, please don’t shut!

    • avatar Jenny says:

      Thank you for your lovely message Owain. I’m sorry that we can’t stay open but thank you for your custom over the years.

  2. avatar Marino says:

    Hi, I own one magic inch pipe (so far) and I have a question about the cleaning the magic inch plastic insert. Is it ok to remove it from the shank for cleaning. I guess some dirt collects on the shank side that cannot be removed just by a pipe cleaner passing from outside.

    • avatar Jenny says:

      Hi Marino, the Magic Inch should not be removed and there should be no need to do so. A pipe cleaner dipped in our Savinelli pipe liquid cleaner will do the job adequately.

  3. avatar Karl says:

    Can you pass a pipe cleaner through a Magic Inch pipe?

    Also, can they be used without the papyrate sleeve (in case one runs out)?

    • avatar Jenny says:

      Hi Karl, yes a pipe cleaner can be passed through a Magic Inch pipe. We always recommend using the special papyrate filters to get the best out of the pipe and ensure a clean, cool smoke.

  4. avatar Alistair Mackie says:

    I have smokes pipes for more that 50 years however only in the last few years have I dicsovered the Magic Inch. I now have 5 Magic Inch pipes and realyy enjoy my smoke.

  5. avatar Garrick says:

    One of our customers recently took advantage of our Black Pipe Day and converted to the Magic Inch, and very kindly sent us this feedback:
    “After my recent purchases, i am now a converted Magic Inch user. What a difference this has made to my smoking enjoyment. I was a sceptic of the system, but with your Black Pipeday I took the plunge. I wish I had done it sooner. Smoking is now tastier, cleaner, and much more satisfying. Thankyou!”
    Thanks to TS for his comments and permission to use them here.

  6. avatar Denis Flaherty says:

    Howdy, I have been a pipe-smoker since 1962 and purchased my first Carey in late 1970s, I believe..they have done a great job. Due to several moves, I lost track of Carey’s..I was so glad to run across you on Facebook…now I can get my filters again.

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Great to hear it Denis, and it’s a story we are often told. People became so used to seeing our adverts in the papers during the 70s and 80s that once they stopped due to legislation people thought we’d disappeared. Slowly but surely they’re finding us again! We look forward to helping you out…

  7. avatar douglas hill says:

    I have received my sk34 kit it is a very good cool smoke and much better than a 9ml filter system I would have liked a full bent mouthpiece like all of my Peterson pipes because of dental teeth the straight mouthpiece rests too heavy on my mouth I cannot see one of these magic inch in your shop do you recommend anything I highly recommend your club with good discount prices I have smoked a pipe for 50 years Thank you for my order and quick delivery

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Hi Mr Hill – thanks for your feedback. I believe Jenny has now sorted out your requirements? Happy Puffing!

  8. avatar Kimi Citron says:

    Hello, I just wanted to ask a question before purchasing the “Carey Straight Billiard”. I understand that it has a papyrate sleeve which absorbs moisture, but does it take an internal filter to filter the tar and such from the actual tobacco?

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Hi there Kimi. Always happy to take questions! A few things to clarify… Straight Billiard is actually the shape of the pipe so without knowing the actual range I can only assume we are talking about a Magic Inch pipe. Your question is still valid though… the Magic Inch is an internal sleeve and its main job is to cool and dry the smoke as it passes through the shank and stem into your mouth. In so doing any tar, etc in the moisture is absorbed by the sleeve, but this wouldn’t be as effective as a 9mm charcoal filter for example which is designed specifically to remove those aspects, but can change the flavour of the tobacco slightly as a result. Hope that helps.

  9. avatar Roy Stringfellow says:

    Purchased calabash meerschaum gourd one week ago and what a large pipe this one is .This is a real armchair pipe.

    Thank you for your 1st class service once again. Thank you Jenny & Linda admin staff for your help once again.

    • avatar Marcus says:

      It’s a significant pipe, that’s for sure! We’re pleased you like it. We supplied one originally as a special request but word has got out and there are a few in circulation now. It’s been so popular we’ve put it in the latest catalogue too!

  10. avatar Roy Stringfellow says:

    Purchased 2 magic inch pipes from you a few weeks ago and I can recommend them to other pipe smokers. There is no burn /bite with these pipes & a cool dry smoke .

    Thank you for your 1st class service .

  11. avatar DavidScott says:

    I used your products in 1970.

  12. avatar Chris Beames says:

    Where can I buy magic inch filters in Canada? I am legally blind so cannot travel and need someone with a good mail order service.


    • avatar Marcus says:

      Hi Chris – mail order from us is not only your best but arguably your only option. We deliver worldwide so Canada is no problem…

  13. avatar Paul Coupar says:

    Hi there. Do all Carey pipes have the magic inch system? Could you recommend one that does for a beginner? Thanks, paul

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Hi Paul. Carey pipes are available with either a 9mm filter system or our own patented Magic Inch system. My advice to pipe smokers who are just starting out is to buy a standard sized, high quality pipe that will allow you to learn the nuances of pipe smoking, and help you understand what you do and don’t like. For that reason you can’t do much better than the Milano range and these are also available as part of a Starter Kit should you be interested… Enjoy!

  14. avatar Steve Saville says:

    Hi ! I am a novice pipe smoker having recently started on a 9mm filter pipe and enjoying finding my favourite blends ! I just wanted to “pipe” up (sorry couldn’t resist) and comment on the magic inch pipes. My mother in law today gave me one of her late husbands’ pipes which is a magic inch straight pipe very like the top pipe in the article above. It has made in London, England written on it and I believe he had it for at least maybe 30 years and is still in top shape. The lacquer had all but worn away in places, so i gently removed the rest with acetate to reveal a wonderful grain which i have now treated to several light coats of boiled linseed oil which has given it a new lease of life, simply wonderful ! I have cleaned it out and ordered 2 boxes of papyrate filters from you today , cannot wait to burn it back in and enjoy it !

    • avatar Marcus says:

      That’s great to hear Steve – thanks for letting us know. Please be sure to also let us know how you get on with it over the coming months… Enjoy!

  15. avatar F.H.Mounfield says:

    Just been browsing your web site for tobacco plus pipes to order at a later date. I have your catalogue & have been a customer for many years. Best Regards, Harry Mounfield.

  16. avatar b thornton says:

    99year old requires new straight stem pipe what would u recomend 4 him please

  17. avatar Kevin Hague says:

    Hi buddy I’ve just ordered one of the Magic Inch starter pipe sets along with one of the aromatic sample tobacco bundles. I mainly smoke cigarettes along with the occasional cigar whilst relaxing fishing by a lake and like the idea of smoking a pipe to help in the relaxing. Sounds strange for a 27 yr old to say that no?
    Anyway I was just wondering with the papyrate filter how often do they need changing will it become obvious when it does?
    Cheers Kevin

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Hi Kevin – thanks for getting in touch. I hope the starter kit and sampler packs live up to expectations. Pipe smoking and fishing are pretty much a match made in heaven regardless of your age! To answer your question… a lot depends on how much actual puffing you do once the pipe is lit (i.e. if it is standing idle during a smoke the papyrate will in effect be unused), but really they are designed to be changed after each active smoke. Best thing is to check the papyrate each time the pipe has rested post smoke and if it is wet and very dark change it over. Hope that helps, and let us know if there is any other advice you require. All the best…

  18. Please send me your cataloge and prices on Carey Magic inch Pipes.

    • avatar Garrick says:

      Hi Frank, I have just uploaded the latest catalogue in the Salon, it can be viewed on this website and printed out. If you would like us to post one out to you by mail then please use our Catalogue Request form under the About Us section on the Home page. Thanks and all the best.

  19. avatar Peter Colson says:

    I bought a “magic inch” pipe many years ago and it is still going – however I had not found any other pipe to match the one I have. My question is – If I bought a new one what tobacco would you recommend to “burn it in”- I use 3 nuns (with lemon and orange zest in the pouch – as this keeps it to the moisture level I want and flavours the tobacco just right). However I did use an american blend to burn it in and that is no longer available – any ideas?!

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Hi Peter. Firstly, if you let me know what pipe you have I will see whether there is a match in our current range… As for tobacco, I would recommend 2024 – Ready Rubbed No7 – as the best equivalent for 3 Nuns. Let us know how you get on…

  20. avatar Mark Bowyer says:

    What would you suggest using to clean and polish the outer surface of the stem on a “Magic Inch” pipe?

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Hi Mark. We have a couple of cleaning products that are not specifically for the stem but for the entire pipe, such as Savinelli Pipe Polish (1112) or Clean & Cure Pipe Cleaner (1142). They will certainly rid the stem of any dirt and should polish it up quite well. If you don’t want the expense, something gentle like washing up liquid would also clean all but the worst of the dirt away. Hope that helps…

  21. avatar David Marshall says:

    I have a selection of broken pipes, Carey’s and others. I phoned customer services and they suggested sending them in and they will see if they can be fixed.
    It is usually the mouthpieces that go on my pipes, I guess I bite too hard.

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Hopefully we can be of service – it is often possible to repair or replace mouthpieces so always worth a try!

  22. avatar Phil Nelson says:

    I’ve been using EA Carey pipes since 1971. I still have my original pipe.

    I now own about 15 pipes.

    I prolong my pipe mouthpiece after squeezing the end shut by cutting and ‘V’ in the clogged end with my Dremel drill. It works fine for me.

    Clean and sweeten with brandy.

    Greeting from Sacramento, CA

  23. avatar Marcus says:

    Hi Mr Hume. Probably the best bet would be to contact the team on 01481 811740 and describe what exactly has broken – most things can be replaced or fixed.

  24. avatar Dean Hume says:

    Can I order the magic inch for pipes that have a broken magic inch?

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