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Smooth Turkish Meerschaum Straight

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Smooth Turkish Meerschaum Straight
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For the beginning pi Review by Tammie
For the beginning pipe smoker, don't make the mistake of only focusing on being concerned with choosing a good quality pipe, of which I recommend that they begin with a filter-style pipe, ie Carey, Brigham, or a variety with 9mm charcoal, etc while learning the art of pipe smoking. This will help alleviate the issue of bite. Later, you can try an unfiltered brand and different shape/style, which is fun; ie meerschaum, calabash, etc. Equally as important however is your choice of tobacco. Don't feel you need to necessarily begin by using a flavoured tobacco. Years ago there weren't quality flavoured tobaccos produced and those available were frankly very poor as they used low quality leaf and a lot of added sugar, which made them burn hot, ruining your pipe as well as not having a pleasant taste, despite the flavouring. The upshot of my advice is that to enjoy pipe smoking you need to invest in both a quality pipe as well as quality tobacco. The difference in prices between poor choices and good ones isn't a lot of money but will make the difference in whether you enjoy smoking a pipe or quickly give it up. One final piece of advice: don't smoke your pipe again without letting it dry out and clean well with several pipe cleaners (they're cheap). You need to either have several pipes or wait a day to re-use. Even the finest pipe in the world needs to rest between smokes. Buy yourself a couple of different style Carey's, a good tamper and lighter and enjoy yourself! (Posted on 17/07/2014)
My first foray into the world of meers... Review by mattbutty
...and I really wanted to like this. I've now had it a month and I'm a bit disappointed in it, to be honest. She's a bit of a gurgler. Could be my fault, granted, but I cannot get a pipe cleaner to pass freely through it, particularly whilst assembled. At the weekend I actually got one lodged inside the stem and it took me all day to get it out.. Looks good, but I can see this being too temperamental for daily use, which is a real pity. (Posted on 30/05/2014)

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