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Carey's Pipe and Tobacco Shop Spring 2014 Catalogue, no. 116

Carey’s Pipe and Tobacco Shop Spring 2014 Catalogue, no. 116

Welcome to a new look 2014! As recipients of our email newsletter will already know we’ve been making a few changes since the start of the year – a kind…

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Clean and Cure, pipe sweetener

Q. When a good pipe goes sour, does it have to be discarded?

Even the best of pipes may occasionally turn sour, for some unexplained reason.

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Lords AITS 2012

AITS Tobacco Lunch – Lord’s 12th June 2012

On a damp Tuesday in St John’s Wood, London, NW8, Lord’s Cricket Ground, home to the venerable MCC, was the venue for the 48th annual Tobacco Trade Lunch . But…

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March 2012 Email Newsletter

As our social media presence increases and the general content on our website grows we are aware that we will have many visitors who may not purchase products and therefore…

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tob plant tile

Selecting your Tobacco: Musings from a bygone era (pt.2)…

IN THE DAYS when America was merely a group of colonies, and tobacco smoking was still in its infancy, a devotee of the pipe would simply take a tobacco leaf,…

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A Beginner’s Guide to Briar Pipe Care

Briar pipes will last a lifetime if properly smoked and cared for. If not cleaned regularly, tobacco pipes can develop a sour taste due to the tar and oil residues…

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