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Why Don’t People Smoke Pipes Any More?!

One recently ‘converted’ US cigar smoker’s amusing view on the world of pipe smoking… With thanks to Cigars.com.     First off, I need to clearly state my love for…

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How To Keep Your Pipe Lit

With our own Beginner’s Guide To Pipe Smoking and the general wealth of information now available online about all things pipe smoking you may feel there is no need for…

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Carey Harbour

New, Lower Prices!

In case you missed our most recent email newsletter (to subscribe please click), 2014 has seen us drop the prices on some of our top end pipes, in some cases…

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cuban cigars mix

Pipe & Tobacco Newsletter – Cuban Cigars, Starter Kits & Budget Pipes

Our November 2013 newsletter takes a first, quick look at some Christmas gift ideas ranging from budget (Corn Cobs) to luxurious (Cuban cigars) via practicality and convenience (Starter Kits)! To view the Newsletter in full please click…

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Service Improvements

We’ve Been Making Improvements!

  “Adapt or perish, now as ever, is nature’s inexorable imperative.” H.G.Wells Although in true H.G.Wells style it’s perhaps a little bleak, there’s truth in his words and very few people…

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Barling Ad

Late 1800′s Pre-trans Barling Pipe

Another of our museum pieces, this unsmoked, boxed, pre-transition Barling from the late 1800s is a most unusual example from this famous pipemaker.  More renowned for their straight, standard sized pipes…

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Meer indian

Pipe and Tobacco Newsletter June 2013

The latest Carey’s Pipe & Tobacco Shop Newsletter takes a quick look at the latest Summer Catalogue and showcases a few perfect additions for the summer months including Meerschaum pipes,…

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Barling Ad

Pre Transition Barlings – Boxed Pair

Time for another peek into the archive to look at an untouched pair of Pre Trans Barlings that form part of our collection.  Beautiful pipes, these conform to the core…

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Why I Believe in the Wisdom of Pipe Smoking, by Allan Massie

The following article was recently published by Allan Massie on The Daily Telegraph website, and all credits go to him. Allan Massie is a Scottish writer who has published nearly 30…

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EA Carey catalogue 112 WEB01 copy

Carey’s Pipe & Tobacco Shop Catalogue 112 Spring 2013

Please view and download the latest edition of our Pipe & Tobacco Shop Catalogue here:

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