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Peterson K-Briar

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Peterson K-Briar
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Not the cheapest but it's the best Review by George
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I like most obsessional pipe smoker I have a lot of pipes in my rotation. I have to consider carefully if I should buy another pipe, but with the K-Briar from Peterson it was an impossible thing to refuse.
This pipe has no filter and has a great stem because of this, often when a pipe takes a filter the shank is week, this pipe has a solid stem.
It comes with the Peterson system to control moisture and to make the smoke cool.
I have to be honest the John Bumfit Rhodesian is very similar and cheaper, but obviously not with the Peterson system.
I have come to love the K-Briar it’s my favourite pipe to smoke. Only one small point was when they drilled the hole into the briar it must have caused some wood inside the bowl to come away near the hole. This was covered up with the coating on the inside, but after smoking it for a while the coating fell out revealing a cavity. I was not sure whether I should fill it with pipe mud, it’s on the inside of the bowl. Well natural carbon build up has filled it so I don’t have to worry any more.
It’s a great pipe and one you should consider purchasing. I did not get the full taste of my tobacco until about 3 smokes, the pipe had that odd taste for a while but now smokes great, and that's why we buy pipes, not to gather dust on our shelves but to smoke them, and what better tobacco than Cary's. Thanks for all your work you do for us pipe smokers, I look forward to the magazine 4 times a year and your emails. Keep up the good work.
(Posted on 27/05/2016)
New Favourite Pipe Review by Timbox11
I decided to purchase a new Peterson K-briar after owning my previous K-briar, for over 20 years. I hadn't noticed that the shape had been very slightly changed and at first, did not like the pipe, but it has now become my favourite.
Out of the dozen or so pipes that I own, five of them are Petersons, so I am something of a devotee of the brand.
The K-briar is well made, comfortable to hold, did not require "breaking in" and a true delight to own. I really ought to stop buying new pipes, but, the problem is that Peterson keep bringing out new designs. (Posted on 29/03/2013)

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