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  1. avatar Joe says:

    I’m getting to grips with this dark flake. Couldn’t taste a thing tonight because of my cold. Review coming soon. NEW FLAKE OUT OF STOCK!?. It sounds nice.

  2. avatar Steven H says:

    I thought I would update you on my smoking experiences of late. Having received regular tobacco supplies from the Tobacco Club for some time now, I can confidently state that I have thoroughly enjoyed the blends on offer. In particular, the Bruno Special, Ready Rubbed No. 7 and Dark Flake No. 7 continue to give fantastic smokes every time. The pouch aroma is one thing, great smells coming out every time I pop one open. The taste is another, with wonderful flavours and excellent smoking experiences. Perfect in cut and moistness, with a lovely feel to them in the hand, they are cinch to pack and light. With the flake I rub out finely for ease of lighting. All in all, they have provided many pipefuls of pleasure and I can heartily recommend them.
    With a fair number of pipes now in my collection, I am spoilt for choice each time, I feel, but I’ve recently been streamlining down to a favoured few for regular smokes.
    Thought you might like to hear that your blends have a favourite place in my tobacco repertoire these days and I even keep a couple of pouches in my ‘smoking bag’ in the car, with two pipes to keep them company. Had a great smoke of the Old English last night returning home from a meeting. Please continue your great work on behalf of pipe smokers. It is appreciated.

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Thanks Steve – these are great comments and we really appreciate them. Not having a traditional bricks and mortar outlet means that this kind of feedback is even more valued and appreciated since we don’t have face to face contact with customers on a daily basis. We’re delighted that you’re enjoying our blends – we know how good they are and it’s great that other people do too – and you’ll be pleased to know we’re about to release another in our next catalogue, so keep your eyes peeled! Thanks again from all the team – happy puffing!

  3. avatar Marcus says:

    This just in from a new customer…
    “I just wanted firstly thank you for your help and advice with the tobaccos. I’ve now had a chance to try all three blends and they are with no exaggeration divine!
    The Black Twist Sliced quite honestly blew my head off with a real Nicotine punch. Smoking it slower now and it’s lovely.
    The Rum Flake is delicious too, starts off sweet and then surprised me halfway down the bowl with a thick smokey yet mellow flavour that just keeps giving.
    But the major success is the Dark Flake, I tried the “Fold and Stuff” method again after trying and spectacularly failing for 3 days. Tonight instead of watching YouTube vids I used commonsense and it lit first time and stayed lit until end of bowl. Thank you very much for your recommendations I wish I’d found you sooner! In my opinion these three blends leave Dunhill stuck in the blocks :) .
    The other reason I’m emailing is to ask about the Tobacco Club. Please could I join? How does it work?
    It has been a privilege talking to you albeit by email but still, it’s refreshing to find a company with great customer service and people who know the customer and the business! Thank You
    Very Best Wishes

  4. avatar Joe says:

    I took the safer option: not always a good thing

  5. avatar Joe says:

    Now I wish I ordered that flake instead of broad cut English again. It’ll have to wait until my next order. I just hope I like it.

  6. avatar Joe says:

    I have yet to sample a flake tobacco. I gave my five-gram Carey’s sampler away, at the time not being interested in flake tobacco because I heard that it can be difficult to pack properly; but now I’m reversed in mind, having watched guides on the Internet on various packing techniques, and having more interest in pipe smoking in general. I look forward to the new mixture.

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Hi Joe. Gave it away?! It’s a fun tobacco – very tactile as you rub it out and gives you a real multi sensory experience, preparing your taste buds for the flavours picked up as you break it down and feeling the oil in the tobacco through your finger tips. I love it!

  7. avatar Dan B says:

    Oh dear… Will I ever learn? Instead of sticking to my regular Carey tobaccos, I was tempted by a tin of Punchbowle in a local tobacconist. I am slightly disappointed… I was hoping for a bit more of the Latakia aromas I have have come to love in other tobaccos, but it was not to be. Altogether a bit too heavy, overpowering and lacking in finesse. Having spent £13 on the tin I am unwilling to simply throw it away. Would you recommend mixing it with something else (if so what would you recommend? How about Balkan Special?) or shold I just battle on to the end of the tin as it is? I have never tried mixing different tobaccos so it would be an intresting experiment. Many thanks. Dan

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Well Dan, as I wipe the shock from my face that you would even consider other tobaccos (ahem!), my advice would be to try a little blending. As you aren’t enjoying the alien blend (he said with a hint of good natured sarcasm), mix it with something of genuine quality and I would heartily agree that Balkan Special would give it the spicy Latakia kick that you are looking for. Initially mix it for a single bowl, making note of the ratio of expensive, over rated branded tobacco with the higher quality, Carey own brand blend and if it works apply to the rest of the Punchbowle in the same ratio. It may open up a whole new world of tobacco experimentation for you and a valuable lesson has indeed been learned! Enjoy!

  8. avatar ian says:

    Can’t wait to get my hands on my first pipe and tobacco I’ve ordered… will be ideal on those dusky evenings fishing to keep those pesky midges at bay.

  9. avatar Joe says:

    Did someone say: new tobacco mixture?.

    • avatar Marcus says:

      On the ball as always Joe! Yep – just gave the go ahead for a rather pleasant flake with a hint of vanilla topping. A few customers have mentioned that we were lacking on that front so we decided to trial one. It’ll be tinned initially and if popular we’ll bring it into the Tobacco Club…

  10. avatar Joe leek says:

    To Mike- I loosen the ash in the bowl at the end of my smoke with the prodder end of my tamper, leave it for half an hour or so, then cover the top of the bowl with my hand (the part below the thumb to be exact, as it leaves no gaps), turn the bowl upside down and shake the ash around in all directions. When you return it to upright position you should be left with a layer of ash around the inside (if there are gaps, repeat). Tip the remains out before rotating your finger around the inside of the bowl a full circle; You may need to do this a couple of times before you have a thick enough layer of ash. Sometimes it looks like a lot, but of course half of it ends up on your finger. I also find pulling upwards with your finger is good(bringing more ash to the top of the bowl), because with most new pipes, I find anyway, one ends up purposely killing the flame (by leaving the pipe) in the first minute or so of the smoke, because the bowl, at least in one area near or at the top, gets too hot; this helps to prevent that. It may not get too hot; it depends on the tobacco and pipe. I have been on the pipe for a year or so now. I hope that helps. It’s past my bed-time and I still have to do my weekly saw maintenance: no rest for the wicked.