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  1. avatar Joe says:

    Did someone say: new tobacco mixture?.

  2. avatar Joe leek says:

    To Mike- I loosen the ash in the bowl at the end of my smoke with the prodder end of my tamper, leave it for half an hour or so, then cover the top of the bowl with my hand (the part below the thumb to be exact, as it leaves no gaps), turn the bowl upside down and shake the ash around in all directions. When you return it to upright position you should be left with a layer of ash around the inside (if there are gaps, repeat). Tip the remains out before rotating your finger around the inside of the bowl a full circle; You may need to do this a couple of times before you have a thick enough layer of ash. Sometimes it looks like a lot, but of course half of it ends up on your finger. I also find pulling upwards with your finger is good(bringing more ash to the top of the bowl), because with most new pipes, I find anyway, one ends up purposely killing the flame (by leaving the pipe) in the first minute or so of the smoke, because the bowl, at least in one area near or at the top, gets too hot; this helps to prevent that. It may not get too hot; it depends on the tobacco and pipe. I have been on the pipe for a year or so now. I hope that helps. It’s past my bed-time and I still have to do my weekly saw maintenance: no rest for the wicked.