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  1. avatar Steven H says:

    I’ve been continuing to enjoy your Ready Rubbed No. 7 and Dark Flake No. 7 blends. These have a wonderful robustness and strength of character and they reward time spent with them. I’m discovering a depth and complexity to them, with a very satisfying array of taste and aroma. These tobaccos are deep, rich, dark and spicy, with hints of chocolate and even a slight tang of citrus in there somewhere!
    As I have also recently added some new blends to my TC regular order, I’ll be looking forward to trying out a couple of new (or newish) flavours in the near future.
    All of which goes to say: ‘please keep up the good work’, as I for one am a very satisfied customer!

  2. avatar Sean says:

    Hi to everyone,
    I’m fairly new to the joys of pipe smoking having recently purchased my first magic inch pipe. I did try smoking a pipe many years ago albeit in an uniformed and haphazard fashion and consequently didn’t take it up changing to cigars instead. Having discovered, by chance Carey’s excellent website and doing a little research I decided to give it another go. I bought a sampler pack of the traditional blends and found them very enjoyable and was wondering if you could recommend other similar tobacco preferring as I do quite full bodied smokes.Also I must complement Carey’s on their excellent products, prompt delivery and quality packaging. Thanks, Sean.

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Hi Sean. Firstly, many thanks for your kind comments. We spend a lot of time behind the scenes working on the often unnoticed areas you mention such as packaging and delivery mechanisms so it is fantastic when someone points them out in a positive light! It’s also great to hear that you are trying out the world of pipe smoking once again. Tobaccos don’t often come much more full bodied than our Balkan Special, but you could give Castle Blend a try, which wouldn’t have been in your sampler pack. It’s a traditional Lakeland blend from SG and as such contains more of the full bodied tobacos like Latakia. And finally, we’re hearing cigars discussed more and more often at the moment which is coinciding well with our plans to increase our range. We recently added Cubans from Cohiba and Montecristo and are currently waiting for more stock, and we hope to add some boutique brands popular in the USA shortly.

  3. avatar Marcus says:

    Peterson fans please take note – we have made available 1 Peterson 140th Anniversary Pipe here http://ow.ly/vhsvh Boxed but without paperwork…

  4. avatar Freddie says:

    Greetings all, sorry if some of the following questions are a bit simple but I’ve only just joined the pipe smoking fraternity!

    I purchased a ‘Carey 10 Minute Full Bent Billiard plus Bruno Special and Dark Flake No.7 tobacco. I bought these on the recommendations of the very helpful Jenny.

    I had my first smoke out of it tonight. I used matches to light so was constantly relighting! Is it best to use a side lighter? I filled the bowl to the full – should I use a smaller amount whilst I learn how to keep the tobacco lit for longer? With pipe smoking, is it correct to intake the smoke like with regular smoking or should it be used like cigars? How often should I be changing the filters and cleaning the bowl?

    Thanks in advance for any advice!


  5. avatar Steven H says:

    Thank you. I wasn’t aware of this and it helps to understand the term a little clearer. Strangely, I bought some of your Castle blend a short while ago, so now I know what it is!

  6. avatar Steven H says:

    I’ve been hearing from other pipe smokers about ‘Lakeland’ blends/flavours. Would you be able to provide a description of what this term means and which, if any, of your blends come under that heading? It’s been causing me a little bit of confusion!

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Lakeland blends are often referred to as typical English blends, and as such tend to be a stronger blend of tobaccos, usually with some Latakia in there somewhere. The name comes from the fact that traditionally it was Samuel Gawith and G&H that made tobacco in England and they are both in the Lakeland area of the country. Our most classic Lakeland is 2041 Castle Blend, which is a direct replica of Squadron Leader by Samuel Gawith. Hope that helps!

  7. avatar Marcus says:

    10% Off Peterson products for a limited time to celebrate St Patrick’s Day! Code STPAT14

  8. avatar Marcus says:

    Happy St Patrick’s Day to all our Irish customers and friends!

  9. avatar Marcus says:

    10% off our new vaporizers using code VAP1, for a limited time only!

  10. avatar Marcus says:

    Tobacco vaporizers now available – enjoy your favourite tobaccos without the smoke!

  11. avatar Marcus says:

    If you like your tobaccos our latest blog discusses the new trend of using traditional pipe tobaccos in premium cigars…

  12. avatar Steven H says:

    Thank you very much for the prompt reply and advice re jars, pouches and ‘re animating’ dry tobacco. Your wisdom and experience are most welcome. Needless to say I will practise forthwith! As to the jars, I keep them in a drawer, out of any light, so there is no danger of ‘singeing’. I have not heard before about lightly spraying the tobacco, so I will give this a good go.
    Finally, a very happy IPSD to you all and thanks for the generous offer on your site regarding this particular day. Your newsletter on my phone earlier this afternoon gave me a timely reminder as I was having lunch today, so right now the pipe is underway to commemorate. Happy smoking one and all.

  13. avatar Marcus says:

    Celebrate IPSD 2014 with 10% off! Read our latest newsletter here… http://ow.ly/tOyAO

  14. avatar Steven H says:

    I have been reading elsewhere about the storing of tobacco. I already put my tobacco into glass jars (and I have commented on that topic in this salon) once the pouch has been opened. However, I would like to ask how long tobacco keeps in the unopened pouches. Is it indefinitely, as it were?
    Also, what is the best way to reanimate tobacco if it has dried out too much?
    Any advice appreciated.

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Hi Steven – be careful with glass jars as if they are in a sunny or well lit area they can warm up and actually dry or ‘singe’ your tobacco. Ceramic or even wood is much better and would be my suggestion. The pouches are sealed so theoretically the tobacco should last for a long time, but since that is not the real purpose of the pouch – it is more about carriage than storage – I would always look to decant if you have large amounts. Finally, regarding reanimation, the best method IMO is to fill a small atomiser with water and even a tiny drop of vanilla essence. Lightly spray a couple of times, mix the tobacco and then restore. After a couple of days the moisture will be absorbed throughout…

  15. avatar James says:

    A quick question and it may be a silly one, what is a reading pipe and what are the characteristics of one?

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Hi James – traditionally a reading pipe is one that takes the bowl down and away from the face and specifically the eyeline, thus enabling one to read without obstruction, staring at a lit bowl or positioning ones eyes directly in the line of smoke. Here are a couple we sell, to give you a better idea http://ow.ly/tOz5t They are surprisingly rare these days, but still a favourite of mine!

  16. avatar Steven H says:

    I have written in an earlier comment about this awful weather, but how are you folks managing? It seems that we are in for a battering for the foreseeable future. Has it affected you in any way? Right now in the NW of England it is an absolute howling gale outside and I daren’t even look out of the door for any damage at the moment as I think I’ll be blown over! I’m going to settle in with a pipe (your dark flake) and a book, whilst listening to the screaming wind and then tomorrow check for any problems. It is about all I can do at the moment.
    Hope all is well.
    Steve H

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Thanks for your concern Steve, and pleased to hear you’ve found an effective ‘coping mechanism’! Dark Flake can be a cure for many evils! Relentless is the word I’d use right now. Being on a rock in the middle of the English Channel is not the ideal spot at the moment. We missed the worst of yesterday’s but that’s the only one so far – all the others have hit us in a big way. Lots of damage and long faces! Next one due tonight/tomorrow, then hopefully some respite for a few days… My tip would be add some loud music to the pipe and book and make the most of it! Happy puffing…

  17. avatar Mel Harrison says:

    Info wanted on Meerschaum pipes please!
    My late father was a pipe smoker for many years, starting in the mid/late 1960s. When he died in 2009 he left 4 pipes including 2 Meerschaum pipes.
    They still have their boxes (slightly battered!) and also some information/leaflets.
    There is a ‘Tawny Knight’ stamped 4728 from Oppenheimer of London and a ‘Jambo’ from London Meerschaum Ltd.
    I would be very grateful if any community members could offer me any more information about them, particularly if you think it would be worth trying to sell them? I am not a pipe smoker so they are of no use to me, and although they do remind me of my dad I have other mementoes of his to cherish so would not miss the pipes.

    Any and all info very gratefully received. Thank you!

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Hi Mel – thanks for getting in touch. The simple answer is that ‘estate pipes’ as these are called (pre-owned to the lay person!) usually have their value in the memories and history, much as you have mentioned. Every now and then a pipe will turn up that has genuine antique value, but sadly not often. My advice would be to approach your nearest auction house for their views, but if you want to sell them the best place is probably on an online auction site. Hope that helps…

    • avatar Mel says:

      Hi Marcus thanks for your reply…I’m not surprised by the info you gave, I’d guessed as much. Seeing as they don’t take up much room I will probably hang on to them. I might even break one out at Christmas time and raise a bowlful in memory of my dad! Thanks again

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Now you’re talking Mel – I’m sure that’s the best option!

  18. avatar Alex says:

    Well as previously stated i received my order and I’ve tried the pipe….great, takes pipe smoking to a new level well done with the magic inch

  19. avatar Alex says:

    I ordered a pipe. A Milano Full Bent apple on the 28th and waited patiently for the e-mail to tell my my order had been sent. But surprise-surprise it has arrived on the 31st. Amazing service

  20. avatar Orestis says:

    Order arrived safely today. Everything as described on the site. Carey’s aromatic mixture tobacco….mmm wonderful! Very satisfied, will be ordering soon again!