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  1. avatar Joe says:

    Seventeen!?. I will forgive his voraciousness just this once.

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Yep. Turns out he wasn’t local, but was here on a ‘chaps of a certain age’ trip away fishing…

  2. avatar Joe says:

    Sorted. I’ve added the Partagas to my wishlist: out of stock. Thank you, Marcus. It’s going to be a Christmas gift, so it can hold a day or two.

    • avatar Marcus says:

      I knew that would happen! After I wrote the last comment we had someone local turn up and by our last 17 sticks! Typical. It may be worth thinking about something else Joe as I can’t guarantee they’ll be back in time for Chrimbo. Since the US/Cuban embargo was lifted certain cigars are proving hard to source… Montecristo perhaps? Tubed are always better IMO as a gift, unless of course you are thinking of buying a whole box, in which case the Drew Feral Flying Pig is hard to beat as a statement!

  3. avatar Joe says:

    I’ll consider those cigars, Marcus. I’ve been asked to find a nice cigar for my friends’ father. All I know is he smokes Henri Wintermans. I recommended a price between ten and fifteen pounds, and he agreed. I’ve never tried Henri cigars, so i don’t know what his taste is. Medium strength I’m scouting for.

    • avatar Marcus says:

      OK Joe, here are a couple of ideas for you. The Partagas Serie D4 is <£15/stick and is considered the highest rated cigar out there. At the other end of the budget but tubed, so nice as a single cigar gift, would be the Don Tomas Clasico which is a lovely, mild cigar. Or for Cuban mid range the Romeo y Julieta No 2 tubed?

  4. avatar Marcus says:

    Posted on behalf of Ken:

    I was so pleased to see the photos of some of “The Few” in your newsletter.
    My neighbour who is 95 years old/young was a Squadron Leader flying Hurricanes and Spitfires in the Battle of Britain. He has attended the recent memorials at Goodwood, Coningsby and London and was seen on TV several times; a real pleasure for all of us who know him. So few are left.

    Kind Regards,

  5. avatar Joe says:

    No drew estate tobak cigars in stock! I’ll have to try something new.

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Sorry Joe – just ran out! Have you tried the sweet tipped Larutan? Or the KFCs which start off spicy but then mellow down into a really tasty 20 minute smoke?

  6. avatar John says:

    I’m replying to your post of 16 September where you passed my query about the pipe stem over to Jenny. I promptly received a confirmation email from Jenny, who then went to some lengths to find me the answer, sending me progress updates. I’ve just placed an order for the pipe which I’m really looking forward to receiving, but my main point in writing is just to say thanks to Jenny who really threw the boat out on this one.

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Thanks for the feedback John. Jenny is a customer service superstar and I’m sure she’ll appreciate your comments. I hope you enjoy the pipe!

  7. avatar John says:

    Matt, the smoker rarely gets the room note from a tobacco. You should ask someone who has just walked into the room if they get it. Regarding taste, what you’re getting might be it. Aromatics rarely taste that strong, in my opinion, they tend to be lighter, faster burning tobaccos. You should try something with a bit of gravitas, like black twist. I bought some recently. It’ll knock your socks off!

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Steady on there John – Black Twist may be something of a baptism of fire!! Thanks for your input though, I’m sure Matt will appreciate the comments.

    • avatar Matt says:

      John: thanks for your reply, having read the reviews for Black Twist the high nicotine might be a bit too much for me as not only am I new to pipe smoking I’ve never smoked anything before.

      P.S Marcus, thanks also for your post.

  8. avatar Matt says:

    Hi all, being new to pipe smoking I’m having an issue that I’m hoping can be sorted out on here. I have both of Carey’s sample pouches, I have an old Excelda straight with no filter, and a Dr Borg half bent Army with filter. The problem I’m having is I get no taste or room note when using the aromatics through either pipe. I am still breaking in the half bent Army, could this be the issue? I think I have the filling/lighting and smoking bit correct, (followed the beginners guide). But all I seem to get is tobacco taste and smell! Obviously I expect that from the traditional tobacco’s but I was expecting more from the aromatics. I’m assuming it’s something I’m doing wrong, any help would be great.

    • avatar Marcus says:

      I’ll add my thoughts here as well… when I started pipe smoking I tended to try to smoke the pipe too cool, as in the baccy wasn’t really properly lit. I was producing smoke so I thought I was doing it properly. But only once a pipe is broken in can it be smoked with the necessary heat required to properly burn the tobacco, and that is when I found the real increase in flavour from aromatics. So persevere – try a hotter smoke but of course beware of damage to your pipe or tongue bite!

  9. avatar John says:

    I fancy a new pipe and the Aldo Velani Soave Semi Bent Tomato No541 has caught my eye – among several others that I have on my wishlist. I’m concerned which material the stem is made of. Is it acrylic or vulcanite? I’m not fond of vulcanite because of the oxidization problems. Many thanks for your time.

  10. avatar Joe says:

    I just had one of those special smokes with my new bent, rustic Mastro. Old Dublin outdid itself and continues to surprise me.

  11. avatar Joe says:

    I’ve got a craving for Peterson’s Old Dublin out of nowhere. I’ll have to add that to my order. It has been over a year since I had my first and only tin.

  12. avatar Steven H says:

    During a very trying last few months of illness that doggedly refused to go away, sleep was a very rare commodity indeed owing to the discomfort and pain induced by the condition.
    In those long, dark hours of the night when I was often awake until dawn break, my pipes were a great comfort and, out of all the tobaccos I have on hand, amongst others, your Ready Rubbed No. 7 and Bruno Special were constant sources of distraction and relief from the effects of my condition. I have a big bag full of the Ready Rubbed that I just dived into with a pipe and filled, sometimes very roughly, but that sweet smoke in the wee hours just helped enormously. Just been smoking it now, in fact and it never fails to satisfy.
    I’ve written before, but once again, thank you, this time for helping in the most trying of circumstances. Thankfully, treatment is working and I’m on the road to recovery somewhat. What would I have done without my pipe and tobaccos? Goes to show how multi-functional these things can be.

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Hi Steven – thanks for your message. I’m pleased to hear that your treatment is working and that our tobaccos were able to offer you some sort of solace when things were bad. Here’s hoping you make a full recovery and continue to enjoy your pipes and tobaccos in a pain free future! Happy puffing…

  13. avatar Joe says:

    Thank you, Marcus.

  14. avatar Joe says:

    I was wondering if the briar polish you sell is also okay to use on Ashton pipes. Also, do you know of any good cleaning liquid for vulcanite stems?.

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Hi Joe – yep I don’t see why not. As for the stem, our Savinelli stem polish should do the trick, depending of course on what you are trying to clean off. Some stems colour fade which could be mistaken as dirt and this of course won’t restore it if that’s the case…

  15. avatar Joe says:

    I did give a few pinches along the whole length of the cigar, Marcus- It did help a bit. I’ll try your rolling method if it happens again. Thank you.

  16. avatar JH says:

    I smoke, almost exclusively, E A Carey tobacco, chosen from a large range of custom-blended tobaccos. When, for example, I want a mid-morning smoke which is traditional but not overpowering, I smoke Old English Ready rubbed. If I want somehting more pungent then I reach for Sliced Black Twist. For a particularly late evening exotic smoke I tend to go for Carey’s Balkan Special – a replica of Balkan Sobranie that I used to smoke a lot in my younger days. There is also a wide range of aromatic tobaccos if that is what you prefer.

    J M H