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  1. avatar Jim says:

    Have just ordered a starter kit. I guess it’s a homage to my my father who I lost in December. He was a pipe smoker and I was always fascinated as a child by this mystical world. Have toyed with trying out pipe smoking for many years and now seems like an appropriate time. Am waiting eagerly for my first pipe. Really like this site and all the information within.
    Many thanks

  2. avatar mick ingham says:

    i have been smoking carey pipes from 1978 when they first came out,better smoke than ordinary pipes, never looked back, started smoking your tobacco about five years ago,good smoke from old english ready rubbed and careys bruno special, never look back again, so keep the supplies and pipes going please thank-you mick

  3. avatar Anthony says:

    I find it very strange that some of your discontinued Private Blends have come back with new names but the same tasting notes except for Spritzer. If you cant sell wild cherry how come you can sell wild red as tasting notes are word for word identical for both ! ?

    • avatar Jenny says:

      Hi Anthony
      The names have changed and not the tobaccos. We are still allowed to sell these tobaccos but we must change the names so no reference is made to characterise smell, taste or flavourings. These tobaccos have not been discontinued in the past and have always been available. Spritzer has been discontinued for some time now and is no longer available.

  4. avatar Ryan B says:

    Just started smoking pipes around the end of last year. Loving it

  5. avatar Steven H says:

    Haven’t posted for a while but still enjoying the blends sent via the Tobacco Club. In fact, some pipe friends have recently been showing interest in them. Good tobaccos, well blended with great taste. I’ve been advertising them as I can! Keep up the good work.

  6. avatar David Pennison says:

    Took delivery of my new magic inch pipe and all the kit today. Just had to try it out. It’s a lovely cool smoke, worth every penny. Soon got the hang of tamping down etc. The only thing I cant work out and its not in the instructions, is how do I replace the flint to the art deco lighter. Other than that it’s perfect. Thanks Carey’s

    • avatar Jenny says:

      Great news David – so pleased you like your pipe Kit. I will send details on how to change the flint in lighter direct to your email.

  7. avatar Joe Leek says:

    The Balkan Special is really something special. It needed a little extra time drying I found, but the stove is there for that this time of year. What a rich, cool, slow-burning smoke. The Dark Flake is over sweet for my taste these days, but I can highly recommend that also; full, satisfying flavour, easy to keep alight, and cool.

  8. avatar Mr D Payne says:

    Thank you for sending my order early I only rang Friday and it came today Tuesday 13th December 2016. Your company is 100% also enjoyed asking how the weather is over there too.

  9. avatar jp FARRANCE says:

    I have been a pipe smoker for nearly 50 years and can:t praise the carey pipes enough .the smoke is long lasting ,cool and extremely satisfying.long may it continue.

  10. avatar George B says:

    Just finished my “carve your own pipe” had it for my 58th Birthday. Took a week and about 12 hours in total. Check out my review.
    One of the best Birthday presents ever!! but very hard work with limited equipment.

  11. avatar Graham Bell says:

    I’ve been on your wonderful Island for a week now and having perfect weather for pipe smoking on the coastpath. Smoking my latest pipe the Aldo Velani “Eximia 2″ with Dark Flake No. 7 a wonderful smoke. I want to thank you for delivering this pipe in 24hrs in time for my holiday. Excellent service as always. Graham Bell

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Hi Graham – great to hear all round! I’m pleased you’ve enjoyed the island and even more pleased it was improved by your Aldo Velani and Dark Flake! Thanks for letting us know.

  12. avatar Trevor Wtight says:

    Has No. 7 Ready Rubbed been permanently taken off the list. It has been easily my a favourite.

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Yes unfortunately it has Trevor thanks to changes at our manufacturer, but our Flake version is exactly the same just not machine rubbed and we are getting a lot of feedback from dyed in the wool ready rubbed customers that they actually prefer the Flake. Have you tried it?

    • avatar Trevor Wright says:

      I haven’t tried flake as yet. Needless to say that my next order will be No7 Flake.

    • avatar Marcus says:

      I’m certain you won’t be disappointed, but please make sure to let us know!

    • avatar Trevor Wright says:

      Well … I have worked my way through half a dozen pipes now with the flake. I can’t get the coarseness of flake down to what the machine rubbing does but never the less … the bowl delivers. Slow burn – getting an addition 15 minutes. Once alight it burns fabulously and completely. I mixed one bowl with 25% of your old Virginia – nice. I’ll be reordering for sure. GOOD ONE!

  13. avatar Robin Gay says:

    Is that the John Watson from Imperial Tobacco Ltd?

  14. avatar Joe says:

    I’m looking to get into pipe making. I can see a metal lathe would be very handy. Any guidance would be appreciated.

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Sorry Joe – you’re on your own with this one but I’d be interested to know what you find out!

  15. avatar JOHN WATSON says:

    are there any vapers of the Kamry e-pipe out there who find the battery life very short after a charge?

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Hi John – how old is the battery and how much use has it had?

    • avatar JOHN WATSON says:

      thank you Marcus, the e- pipe with new battery purchased 09only a few vapes per day

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Hi John – if I’m reading that right, purchased in 2009? That being the case, I’m amazed the battery has lasted 7 years! Time for a new one I’d suggest…

    • avatar JOHN WATSON says:

      sorry Marcus, purchase was 9th April 2016

    • avatar Marcus says:

      OK, so when you say the battery life is short, what exactly do you mean please? The trouble may well be that you only use it for a few vapes at a time… my understanding is these batteries are not optimised to retain charge over a period of time like a normal AA battery, but instead to deliver all their power over a short period.