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Clean and Cure, pipe sweetener

Q. When a good pipe goes sour, does it have to be discarded?

Even the best of pipes may occasionally turn sour, for some unexplained reason.

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walter raleigh with clay pipe

History of Tobacco & Pipe Smoking Part 2

“All along the sea routes … wherever they had trading posts, the Portuguese began the limited planting of tobacco. Before the end of the sixteenth century they had developed these…

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Briar – The Saviour of Pipe Smoking?

In keeping with my recent theme of looking at the history of pipe smoking and its associated parts I thought it would be interesting to take a look at some…

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tobacco leaves

History of Tobacco and Pipe Smoking, Part 1

Huron Indian myth has it that in ancient times, when the land was barren and the people were starving, the Great Spirit sent forth a woman to save humanity. As…

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pipe expert

Is it possible to be a ‘pipe smoking expert’…?

We all know that there are a plethora of Dos and Don’ts when it comes to pipe smoking and its many and varied techniques. We ourselves have published on this…

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IMG_9106 6235

Are 1st impressions of a tobacco the right impressions?

The following article was written by one of my favourite contributors about all things pipes and tobacco, G.L Pease. A real authority on this topic, he is a US based…

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The Virtues and Values of Fine Graining…

MANY and varied are the craftsmen who have plied the ancient craft of pipe-making, and varied, too, are the materials they have used. In the ice deserts of the north,…

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1b Pipe Shapes

How many pipe shapes can you name…?

There is often a large amount of debate amongst pipe makers and pipe smokers alike as to the proper name for different shape pipes. Below is a simple guide to…

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Meerschaum vs Briar??

I recently read an article extolling the virtues of Meerschaum pipes and thought the subject of Meerschaum vs Briar to be an interesting one… The main advantages in the pro…

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A Beginner’s Guide to Briar Pipe Care

Briar pipes will last a lifetime if properly smoked and cared for. If not cleaned regularly, tobacco pipes can develop a sour taste due to the tar and oil residues…

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