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The EA Carey Tobacco Club is a concept I thought up many years ago as a way of sourcing fresh tobacco on a regular basis initially for my own use, and that of my pipe smoking friends.By ordering regularly and in ever increasing amounts I was soon able to negotiate better terms with suppliers, thus enabling me to pass on the cost benefits to my customers.Over time membership of this exclusive Club has grown by invitation, with customers keen to take advantage of the numerous benefits it offers.At a time when the demise of the local tobacconist is well documented, you will be pleased to know that we can provide a service and choice that is second to none…

Dont’ just take our word for it either!

“Hi all at Carey’s – Just a thank you for sending me a free tobacco pouch, and to thank you for sending me my regular supply of tobacco, ‘Carey’s Bruno Special’. I like this very much. At least I’ll never run out of tobacco now, and to wish you all a very happy new year.  Kind regards, AB” (21/1/2014)

So what are the main benefits of membership?

  • save money on all tobacco purchases
  • regular shipments of your favourite tobaccos delivered direct to your door at an interval to suit your smoking requirements
  • NO minimum order quantity and NO minimum order frequency – you choose how many pouches you want, and how often, to suit your requirements
  • guaranteed freshness and quality
  • exclusive 5% membership discount code redeemable against non-tobacco products within our catalogue and online
  • the ability to change your regular order at your convenience

Tobacco page

Entry to the Tobacco Club is free and there is no long term obligation to stay should it no longer fulfil your requirements. In addition, as a special welcome offer customers are entitled to select 5 pouches as an initial order and only pay for 4, and upon payment of your third regular shipment, and as a thank you for your loyalty, you will receive a FREE ‘Moisture-Lok’ sheepskin day pouch. But remember, you can arrange to regularly receive as many or as few pouches as you wish…

TC Flyer

To find out more and request a Membership Information Pack please feel free to contact the team on 01481 811740 or email

EA Carey Tobacco Club… the simple way to ensuring you never run out of your favourite, flavoursome tobaccos!

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40 Responses to The EA Carey Tobacco Club

  1. avatar Andy B says:

    I joined the tobacco club on Monday and received my first shipment on Wednesday, great service. Never run out of tobacco again :-)

    • avatar Marcus says:

      I’m pleased you’re happy Andy – we are also now offering members the ability to add other consumable products to their regular order such as filters, pipe cleaners and even our boutique tobaccos…

  2. avatar Dr Marcel Blaise says:

    I am pleased with the speed of your service, very impressed by the’ magic inch’ and your splendid ‘Balkan Mix’ which reminds me so much of the Balkan Sobranie which I used to buy in tins. I am disappointed in the Lucky Dip pipe I received which seems expensive at the price! You will nevertheless retain my custom. Kind regards.

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Thanks for your kind comments about our pipe and tobacco, however I am sorry you are less impressed by the Lucky Dip pipe. I would like to think this is partly as a result of comparison with the Magic Inch pipe you bought! Feel free to return it and providing it is unsmoked we will refund you for that pipe, no problem. Best Regards…

  3. avatar Brian says:

    Can you tell me if replacement stems are available please? I am concerned as I have been known to either bite too hard or otherwise damage one.

    The question relates to your Magic Inch pipes.

    Thank you.

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Hi Brian. We do have replacement Magic Inch stems so there’s no problem there, but we also sell the Soft Bite Stem Grips for exactly the issues you raise. It may be worth trying these and at £3.45 for 4 they won’t break the bank!

  4. avatar Brian says:

    I am considering returning to a pipe after a break of some years.

    I am considering a 10 min 1/4 bent , I assume the 1/4 bent refers to a bend in the stem. I would prefer a straight stem. Do you offer a 10min straight stem, please?

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Hi Brian. 1/4 bent does indeed refer to the bend in the stem. It is a very mild bend and simply takes the bowl away from the upper lip/nose a fraction in what is a small pipe. If you were adamant about a straight stemmed pipe I would suggest a Milano Straight Billiard instead – slightly larger thereby accomodating a straight stem more easily. I hope that helps…

  5. avatar Jonathan Taylor says:

    Hello there, I have been thinking about smoking a pipe for a few year now, and wondered what is the best way to start? Like what tobacco? What pipe to use? I wait for your advise thanks.

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Hi Jonathan – thanks for your interest in pipe smoking. One of my colleagues will contact you directly to discuss…

  6. avatar eleanor jean jackson says:

    looking for a different pipe for my brother

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Hi Eleanor – if you could let us know what your brother currently smokes and the kind of thing you think he might like, we’ll do our best to give you some alternatives. Thanks.

  7. avatar Angus says:

    I’m a keen smoker, of cigarettes usually, but I have a wee pipe as a contingency for when I run out of cigarettes, but that isn’t feasible any more because I’ve lost my pipe… Lol! I’m looking to get a new one, I’m an amateur pipe smoker with very limited experience, can anyone recommend a pipe for me? I like full curve pipes… I’ve been looking at the vauen connexion full bent pipe, any thoughts? And thanks in advance for any assistance! XD

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Ahhh, the million $$ question. A lot will come down to factors such as whether you want a filtered or unfiltered pipe, the size you require (do you like a long, leisurely smoke or what we call a 10-minuter) and of course budget. If you consider yourself new to pipe smoking, a starter kit may be the best bet. But what you can be certain of with a Carey pipe is that it is made from quality, Mediterranean briar which is important for the quality of smoke. Good luck!

  8. avatar Angus says:

    How do I join the tobacco club?

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Hi Angus – to receive a membership pack or just to talk through the options please call 01481 811740 or email with your postal address. We look forward to welcoming you to the Club!

  9. avatar David Houston says:

    I have just recieved my first order from the Tobacco club and as I am not a heavy smoker, I feel that the next order is too soon. Therefor please alter the frequency of delivery to 6 weeks, until I can see a pattern.

    • avatar Jenny says:

      Hi Mr Houston, The Tobacco Club is very flexible and you can alter the frequency and/or quantities of your shipment whenever you wish. Just contact us and we’ll do the rest. Kind regards, Jenny

  10. avatar Bill says:

    Marcus, greetings. I have just taken delivery of a Carey’s Meerschaum which I am running in at the moment, I am absolutely amazed, this morning I opened my first pouch of Carey’s Bruno Special to try out in the new pipe, and the combination just goes on and on and on. I have had well over half an hour out of that combination, with the bowl running cool. The pipe itself is very smooth. Many thanks.

  11. avatar Bill says:

    Marcus thanks, I have just read your comments, indeed what I discovered this weekend reflects on your comments. A pipe now lasts around half an hour, compared with 10 – 12 minutes in the past, also, no more tongue bite as a result.

  12. avatar Bill says:

    I have read your instructions on how to load a pipe, and I must say that it has made a tremendous difference. The pipe no longer needs to be lit time after time, but I am still having problems with a hot bowl occassionally. I think that I will smoke the pipe over a longer period. And I have just ordered my second Carey pipe.

    • avatar Marcus says:

      That’s great to hear Bill, thanks. Regarding the hot pipe, smoking more slowly over a longer period should help but also you may find that as the cake builds up in the bowl the pipe will smoke cooler as this acts as a form of insulation…

  13. avatar Bill says:

    I have just taken up pipe smoking after a number of years of rolling tobacco. I must say pipe smoking is much more relaxing, I am thoroughly enjoying the experience. I, of course have purchased my first Carey pipe, and a range of their tobaccos to try out which I haven’t got through yet, but my favourite at the moment is Black Aromatic.

  14. avatar Fiona Hamilton says:

    Dear Sir,

    I was wondering if you could tell me when and if there will be a special pipe available which you normally have on the front cover of your christmas magazine. I would like to purchase this for my son as I have in recent years. I look forward to hearing from you.
    Fiona Hamilton.

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Hi Fiona – thank you for your enquiry. Our next catalogue is due for release in the next couple of weeks and although we have a few new ranges none are a Limited Edition. However our next Limited Edition – a Meerschaum pipe commemorating the centenary of the Scott/Amundsen Antarctic Race – is in production as we speak and should be available early in the New Year. They will as always be strictly limited numbers so please let me know if you would like me to find out more precise dates and I can reserve one for you if you wish…?

  15. avatar S Anderson says:

    I am a newcomer to pipe smoking and see adverts for 9mm filters I wondered where in the pipe are they fitted and how do you insert them and remove them

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Hi there. The filters are small cylindrical tubes with charcoal inside (although other types such as balsa are available). They fit in the part of the pipe that joins the bowl to the stem, known as the shank. They are easily replaced – simply remove the mouthpiece, slide the used one out and replace before refitting the stem. Some people replace after every smoke, others retain them for longer… hope that helps.

    • avatar S Anderson says:

      Thanks Marcus but my pipe has a metal insert that fits into the stem do I take this out and insert the filter

    • avatar Marcus says:

      OK, well that means your pipe is not compatible with a 9mm filter. There are many different filtration systems available and a metal insert is a different system, designed to cool and condense the smoke as it passes through. To use a 9mm system you would need to buy a compatible pipe. A low cost option would be our Little Gem range (click although these are small capacity pipes. It would at least allow you to try the 9mm system.

  16. avatar Brian COLES says:

    interested in pipe tobacco at a good price

    • avatar Jenny says:

      Hi Brian, well you’ve come to the right place for the freshest pipe tobacco at extremely competitive prices!
      You may be interested in our Tobacco Club which offers further savings on tobacco – read more about it on our website
      or request further details to be sent in the post.

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  18. avatar Robert Campbell says:

    I have been a member of the Tobacco Club for many years and have purchased pipes with the aid of the vouchers you recieve. Is there a way you can order on line with vouchers, rather than having to do “origami” and send them by post Like the website.

    • avatar Garrick says:

      Thanks Robert, we are in the process of reviewing Tobacco Club benefits and how best to offer discounts to our members online and as soon as we have any news we will let you know. Thanks for your comments they are very useful.

    • avatar Marcus says:

      Hi Robert – as promised we have now updated our systems and ‘vouchers’ are now redeemable online, albeit via a slightly new offering. Hope you approve!

  19. avatar liz says:

    hi could you tell me how much tobacco is in one pouch of your ready rubbed which is the best sort to start on and how much it costs is there a limit on how much to order at one time

    • avatar Garrick says:

      Details of Carey’s Private Blend tobacco can be found by clicking the Tobacconist link in the green Nav Bar above and then clicking on Tobacco on the left, or go here.
      To find out more about our Tobacco Club, the benefits it offers, and any other information please contact the team on 01481 811740 or email requesting a Membership Information Pack free. There is no limit on how many pouches you can order.

  20. avatar ALAN JOHNSON says:

    I have purchased pipes from Careys for some years, enjoy them. I like to vary the Tobacco which I smoke, having for many years purchased and used Balkan Sobranie.
    I travel regularly to The Gambia and bring back fresh tobacco from there which I like to mix with others.
    I would like to discover a source of latakia to mix with this but find this difficult to obtain.
    Can you guide me please.

    • avatar Garrick says:

      Hi Alan, I am glad you enjoy smoking Carey pipes and would be interested in knowing which is your favourite. With regards your question on sourcing latakia our Balkan Special blend contains this along with Virginia and Oriental tobaccos, according to our supplier’s tasting notes, giving it a smokey and spicy flavour. If you have not tried it then perhpas you may like to. Meanwhile, some of our other customers might be able to point you in the right direction. Thanks for your comment, I will post it on our Twitter page too and let you know if there is any other response, meanwhile it’s over to them!

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